Thursday, October 15, 2009

Three Day Weekend and blessings

Well, today is my last day of work for the week! It has been a good week for our family. We have had so much time together. On Monday and Tuesday nights Andrew was home with us all night. We had supper as a family and then spent time playing with Calleigh and watched TV together. Last night Andrew went hunting but afterwards we went and had Chinese for supper, which was such a good decision. It was late and I did not have to cook and we ate one of my favorite foods.

The heater in my equinox is having a slight malfunction and our friend Trent is going to look at it on Saturday and fix it. He is pretty sure that he can fix it for around $50.00 and I am excited that it does not cost a whole lot! We are seeing the blessings of our new heater in our home as it has been cold here for the past couple of weeks. It is nice to wake up in the middle of the night and not have to worry about if we are close to running out of heating oil. We know that as long as we have electricity we have heat! And if we don't have electricity then we have a fireplace that will work! God has also blessed us with two unexpected things just his week. The first is that since we have tomorrow off we planned to go to the eye doctor. Knowing that my glasses usually run about $400.00 and Andrew will need new reading glasses I have saved back about $650.00. As I was checking to see how my new insurance works and would cover us tomorrow I was told that it would be just $40.00 a person, making our bill only $80.00! So, I can use the extra money for Christmas! What a blessing! I am so thankful for the little things that God is doing in our lives, it is such a blessing that we did not expect but are very appreciative for it!

You can do us a favor and keep us in your prayers. Andrew is going to school to be a principal, however a new opportunity has come up for us and we are excited and anxious about it. I would love to give you more details, but until we know that final outcome, we are keeping it to ourselves. We know that God has a plan for us and we also know how strong and wonderful the power of prayer is so we ask that you say a prayer for us. God knows our needs and we know his plan for our life is laid out already. We pray that his will be done in our lives and when he calls, we answer. So simple, yet so hard. We have faith in him and trust all decisions he makes for us. No matter what happens, God is good, God is there, and he loves us, just as we do him!

I pray that you all have a blessed weekend as we plan on doing. Tomorrow holds a eye appointment for Andrew and I and a 18 month well baby check-up for Calleigh. Saturday we have plans to just spend time together. Andrew is going to hunt in the morning and I am going to spend time with my sweet daughter. We are planning on getting the basement all cleaned up and having a nice night together. Sunday we have church and then a baptism for Andrew's step-niece, Aubry. I am ready for this much needed break! Have a great weekend!

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Chelsa said...

enjoy your day off tomorrow!
glad you've had lots of unexpected blessings lately! :)