Monday, November 24, 2008

Things I love about Calleigh!

I love the way Calleigh kicks her legs when ever she gets excited or happy.
I love her open mouth kisses.
I love the super softness of her skin.
I love how she loves to feel textures with her little hands.
I love how when I walk into a room, her faces lights up.
I love how she does a fake cry, then looks to see if I am coming to get her.
I love how she is so ticklish and how she giggles when her daddy blows on her belly.
I love how she is so peaceful at night when she is snugly in her bed.
I love bath time when she splashes so much she gets the whole room wet.
I love how she loves to be outdoors, to feel the air on her skin, and see all the things this world has to offer.
I love just sitting back and watching her.
I love the excitement in her eyes when she sees a bottle coming or when I am mixing up her food.
I love how when she finds something that taste good she say "mmm" out loud.
I love her more than I ever thought possible.

I read a blog today that talked about a woman who missed her little girl. She passed away just after her first birthday. She made a small list of the things that she missed. I thought I needed to make of the things that I cherish right now, all of the things that I love about my little angel. These are just a few small things, but they are things that I love about Calleigh. I am truly blessed to have her in my life. It is so magical to me that Andrew and I created this little person out of so much love, and that God picked us to be her parents. She is living proof that God does answer prayers. I prayed for her for a long time, so no matter what you are praying for, never give up. God does hear you, and in his time and in his way he will answer your prayers.

I have to work Monday and Tuesday only this week. I am thankful for that. I have off all day Wednesday. I am going to help Mom clean a house and get paid about $25 and then put up my Christmas decorations. On Thursday, I am helping mom cook lunch for our family and then we are headed to the Wibbeler Thanksgiving dinner that evening. On Friday, I have no plans during the day, but that night we are spending time with Andrew's family from North Carolina. On Saturday I have a bridal shower for Andrew's sister Katie(this is that last one) and then spending time with my family. On Sunday I have a dinner with my grandma and uncle and aunt and then the day off. I come back to school on Monday and the madness begins with Registration week. I need to do some Christmas shopping and get some things out of the way. I have at least half of it done and I hate to wait until that last minute, so I need to get on that.

I am putting that Christmas tree up at school tomorrow(the on in the Cafeteria), working on some bills, filling out some registrations sheets early, getting ready for the December Grad salute on Tuesday, and watering the plants so that I can take a much needed break! Take care, I'll try to write more if I can! Hope you all like the new layout!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and sit back and think about what you are thankful for! I have been blessed with a good life, God is good to me and saved my soul, blessed me with a wonderful husband and an angel of a daughter, a loving mother and father, and many more thing and family! That is what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Love to all,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Calleigh is getting her first tooth!

On Sunday, I noticed that Calleigh had been drooling a lot, more than usual. So, I wondered if maybe she was cutting her first tooth. I stuck my finger in her mouth, and sure enough, the bottom front there were 4 little points, the sprouts of her first tooth. I was excited, just because it is another first for her and we are very excited. She seems to be handling it very well. Not much fussing, so I am grateful for that!

My grandma has been sick for a while and would not go to the doctor. She was in so much pain on Sunday night she finally had to call my dad to take her. When she got there she told them about her problems and they did some test and a CAT scan and found out she has two kidney stones, one in each kidney, very large in size, and the left one was stuck in her urinary track. The admitted her and she was put on some strong pain meds. On Monday the doctor told us her options and she decided that she wanted to try the shock wave therapy which would break up her kidney stone. Before they could do that they had to get the stone out of her track and into her kidney so that they could do the surgery. The surgery was yesterday and things went very well. She is coming home today and she will go back for the other stone in a couple of weeks.

Andrew and I have been going through some rough times, not in our relationship, but with different aspects of our lives. We are facing these things head on, but it seems like when one thing gets fixed another thing goes wrong. Please just pray that things get worked out.

We are planning a Christmas party with friends and trying to get all of our holiday worked out. I will be getting in touch will all of you shortly about our plans and to see what can work with everyone.

I hope you are having a good day, let me know what's going on with you! Have a good day!

Love to all,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So, I have a few additions to my Christmas list:
-A Laptop Computer,
-Usher for Women Perfume

That's all. I got my feelings hurt last night by some people who were not very nice and inconsiderate, but whatever, I must let it go and know that they are missing out on me, not me on them! To make myself feel better today I went and bought a new purse(with a gift card, so I felt even better because I did not spend any money!) and I crashed the diet and ate a taco. Whoops! I got my pics(94 of them to be exact) in the mail for only $3 for scrapbooking next Friday and I am pretty excited for that!

That's all! Calleigh is staying at Aunt Beth's house tonight!

Love to all,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Calleigh has a dress for Aunt Katie's wedding!

On Saturday I went to Jasper to do some shopping. While I was there I went to the the store Babies in Bloom(which has super cute clothes for little ones!) and I found her a dress. It is black and gold and really sparkly! Here is a picture:

(It's cuter in real life!)

I also got her some tights, a head band, and some shoes to go with her outfit! I need to get her a little black sweater to go with her dress. I also got her a cute hat, I will have to post pics of her in it soon, it is too cute!

Work has been good. Andrew really wanted me to apply for a job that I was not planning on doing. I like my job, a lot actually, and I am comfortable here. But, my job does not pay much and that other pays about $9,000 more, so I applied for it. I decided that God is in total control of this one, I am leaving it up to him. We should always do that. Too many times we want to be in control and in charge and sometimes when we give things to God we take them back because he is not answering it when WE want him to. We should let him take care of it. He knows the plans for our live, not us. So, I am learning to let him take care of it. This is in his hands, I just pray that he does what he wants and his will is followed!

I have been more active with my church and I just joined two new groups at church, the social committee and the decorating committee. We had our first meeting for the social committee and it went well. Somehow they group thought it was a good idea that I be the secretary/treasurer, so I am.

Pray that God's will be done in our lives. We want to walk in his light and follow in his plans for our life. Pray that we have the courage to do what he tells us is the right thing and we give him control. It is easy to pick thing back up, I already want to. Give me the strength to let this be.

How are things with you? What is going on in your life? I pour my life out to you on this blog, now it's your turn! What do you need prayer about? What can I do to help you? Leave me a comment!

Love to all,

Thursday, November 6, 2008

All I want for Christmas ..........Chicago, here I come!

Christmas this year is not what it has been in the past. I love Christmas, anyone who knows me well know that! I love the decorations, the family time, the true and real meaning behind it! If any of you out there want to buy me a present(wink,wink ;-)) here is a short list of a few thing I want:
-A family bible with out name on the front
-A small pink bible I can keep in my purse, about the size of a journal
-A Kitchen Aid Mixer in a black or silver hue
-The pieces of the Willow Tree Nativity Set
-Scrapbook gift cards to the Doodlebug in Jasper
Or the following Willow Tree Angels or Figurines:
-Angel of Mine
-Mother and Daughter
-Angel's Embrace
-Family Plaque

We have had a nice break from all of the hustle and bustle of our normal lives. WE have gotten so many thing done around the house, all of my laundry is caught up, my dishes are done, and we have been eating some meals at home! Life is good! Thanksgiving is going to be nice this year, due to all different times! One the weekend before and after we have one event each, then on the actual day we have a lunch and dinner and that is all! Yeah! Usually we have to go to 5 places on one day and this year it is so simple! I love Thanksgiving! All of that good food, and the Wibbeler family always has LOTS of dessert!

Andrew's brother is moving to NC shortly, he got a job there. So we have a new place to go on Vacation! But, his little niece will miss him a whole lot! But, the good news is that he will be in Chicago, so I can go and visit him and I can take Calleigh on her first big shopping trip on the Magnificent Mile! YaHoo!

Love to all,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bath Time!!!

Here is a slide show of Calleigh taking a bath in the tub for the first time.
(Side Note: Avoid how gross the tub looks, it's clean, I promise, just really stained from the previous owners and I can not get the stains off! So, overlook that and enjoy the show!)

My Girl is getting big and Halloween Pics

My little angel is getting so big. Here is a pic of her in her exersaucer and and pic of her standing up:
We had a good time this weekend at the Bridal Shower(she made a new friend, Penelope) and on the way there Calleigh fell asleep with Tiggy, here are some pics:

She also had a lot of fun trick or treating!

We had a lot of fun last night as a family, playing in the living room, watching TV, and just spending time together as a family! I am working on a slide show of her bath in the tub, it was so much fun! I hope to post it soon!

Love to all,