Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Calleigh has a dress for Aunt Katie's wedding!

On Saturday I went to Jasper to do some shopping. While I was there I went to the the store Babies in Bloom(which has super cute clothes for little ones!) and I found her a dress. It is black and gold and really sparkly! Here is a picture:

(It's cuter in real life!)

I also got her some tights, a head band, and some shoes to go with her outfit! I need to get her a little black sweater to go with her dress. I also got her a cute hat, I will have to post pics of her in it soon, it is too cute!

Work has been good. Andrew really wanted me to apply for a job that I was not planning on doing. I like my job, a lot actually, and I am comfortable here. But, my job does not pay much and that other pays about $9,000 more, so I applied for it. I decided that God is in total control of this one, I am leaving it up to him. We should always do that. Too many times we want to be in control and in charge and sometimes when we give things to God we take them back because he is not answering it when WE want him to. We should let him take care of it. He knows the plans for our live, not us. So, I am learning to let him take care of it. This is in his hands, I just pray that he does what he wants and his will is followed!

I have been more active with my church and I just joined two new groups at church, the social committee and the decorating committee. We had our first meeting for the social committee and it went well. Somehow they group thought it was a good idea that I be the secretary/treasurer, so I am.

Pray that God's will be done in our lives. We want to walk in his light and follow in his plans for our life. Pray that we have the courage to do what he tells us is the right thing and we give him control. It is easy to pick thing back up, I already want to. Give me the strength to let this be.

How are things with you? What is going on in your life? I pour my life out to you on this blog, now it's your turn! What do you need prayer about? What can I do to help you? Leave me a comment!

Love to all,

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