Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New pics from last night! Fun Times!

Here is a picture of my little angel, all smiles! Last night was fun, just the three of us at home, spending the night together, which we do not get to do often , so it was extra special! Life is what you make it, and we plan on making it fun and full of memories with our sweet little girl!

I have been very busy at work with school starting, so work has been CRAZY!!!!

Andrew and I have a very busy week ahead with softball, umpiring, and football games! But, we live at a fast pace, so we are used to it. Luckily, I have learned to go with the flow and not plan so much, which is hard for me! Keep us in your prayers!

Love to all,

Friday, August 15, 2008

A little video

I think this is a neat video, but you will have to check it out yourself!


It is inspirational, and it only takes about a minute to watch!

Enjoy! Have a good weekend!

Love to all,

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New and exciting news!

Andrew is the new Assistant Athletic Director at Washington Catholic! He will still be teaching some math classes, but he will be pulling double duty and we could not be more excited! We have been praying for God to give us greater opportunities, so this is an answer to one of our prayers! Therefore, we must take time to give God all the glory, because without him none of this would have been possible!

We are beginning to see all of the wonderful things God has in store for us. We have always tried to be calm and wait for the good things, and now another has happened! I am so excited for us, especially for Andrew!

I just wanted to share the good news with everyone! Although he may not be able to coach basketball this year, God has found another purpose for Andrew and I am positive that he will be great at this new job! I love you Andrew, I am so proud of you!

Love to all,

Monday, August 11, 2008

Calleigh's first feeding and time with friends

We took Calleigh to the Dr. on Friday........he said she is 25 3/4 inches long and 17pounds. Luckily, she is right where she is supposed to be....in the 100% of course! Haha! Dr. Luff said she is a healthy, happy little girl! So, he decided it is time to start her on some foods. Right now she takes cereal at her morning and bedtime feedings and a juice bottle at lunch. She still takes about 3 regular bottles too, but she is enjoying the new experiences of food! Below is a 60 second video of her first feeding!

She is so cute eating her food! She has not quite gotten the understanding that the cereal is food, but she will soon enough!

Here are some pics of her first feeding also, just in case you did not see the video!

Yesterday, Daniel, Brynn, Tate, Kennedy, Andrea, and Kyle all came over after Andrea's baby shower! Below are some pics of the kids, they had fun together! It is such a blessing to have friends who also have kids!

We also got to spend some time with Calleigh outside on this beautiful weekend! She is sportin her shades!

Lots of pictures this time! But, we had a good, fun weekend as a family and spending time with those we love! Take care!
Love to all,

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Friends and tattoos

Friends, what would we do without them? My best friend is the sister I never had. WE are so much alike and things always happen to us at the same time, usually within a 5 month period. We met in high school, but did not get to know each other until college. God blessed me with Andrea, and I love her so much. We have some of the same dreams and she is one of the missing pieces that I found! We have gotten engaged and married about the same time, we graduated college at the same time, we both met our husbands(who just happen to be best friends) at the same time, we have had sometime bad happen to out vehicles at the same time, and now we are having babies at the same time! I am sure that Calleigh and Alyssa will grow up to be best Friends, just like we are!

The plan, so we shall call it, is to get our daughters names tattoos on our feet, she of course will get Alyssa and I will get Calleigh. I could not ask for a better friend if I wanted to (and I don't!)! She is someone God placed in my life to help me through and I am thankful for her everyday! I am also thankful that she is a christian and the Godmother of my daughter!

Thank God for friends! They keep us balanced and sane!

Love to all,

Friday, August 1, 2008

Love is a beautiful thing.......

Love is a beautiful thing, in more ways than one. I love my life as a mommy. It is more than I could have ever asked for and I love being a wife. Andrew truly does appreciate me for everything I do for him, for Calleigh, and for us as a family! I love him, more than words could ever express. He is everything I need in a husband. He loves me for me, he keeps me headed in the right path, he is a christian, and he wants to give our daughter anything and everything he possibly can! He shows me each and everyday how much he loves me, and he's pretty good lookin' too! What more could I ask for?

I finally got our family picture hung up in our hallway with my little saying around them, and I think it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Last night, while I was getting ready to fall asleep I thought about what fun I had last night with Calleigh and Andrew. She was so happy to see me! We ate supper, watched some tv shows, and Andrew made brownies for us. Then, while he took a shower we turned on the music tv channels and danced in the living room! Andrew come out of the shower and danced with us. We told her about all of the fun we have had with her so far and what we were going to do this weekend and it made me think about how perfect it was. This was what I always wanted and he is was right in front of me.....my perfect life!

Tonight we are going to the Zoar Mosquito fest. Andrew, Kevin, Zach and Zeth play softball while I watch them. This year I get to share my home made ice cream with Calleigh, and I am so excited to see what her reaction will be whe she gets her first bite! I am sure that she will love it just as much as I do!

Life could not be any better....well, maybe a job that pays better, but otherwise life is great! I have to thank God for all of this blessings!

Love to all,