Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Friends and tattoos

Friends, what would we do without them? My best friend is the sister I never had. WE are so much alike and things always happen to us at the same time, usually within a 5 month period. We met in high school, but did not get to know each other until college. God blessed me with Andrea, and I love her so much. We have some of the same dreams and she is one of the missing pieces that I found! We have gotten engaged and married about the same time, we graduated college at the same time, we both met our husbands(who just happen to be best friends) at the same time, we have had sometime bad happen to out vehicles at the same time, and now we are having babies at the same time! I am sure that Calleigh and Alyssa will grow up to be best Friends, just like we are!

The plan, so we shall call it, is to get our daughters names tattoos on our feet, she of course will get Alyssa and I will get Calleigh. I could not ask for a better friend if I wanted to (and I don't!)! She is someone God placed in my life to help me through and I am thankful for her everyday! I am also thankful that she is a christian and the Godmother of my daughter!

Thank God for friends! They keep us balanced and sane!

Love to all,

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