Thursday, October 30, 2008

Calleigh said Ma, Halloween, and her first sleepover

Last week was fun.....Andrew killed another doe on Sunday! While he was taking care of that deer, I was at my parents house cooking. Calleigh was sitting in front of the fire place, turned and looked at me and said "ma" as clear as could be. I was so excited I dropped what I want doing, ran and picked her up, and said "I love you, I love you, you said ma!" This was just a word to her, but to me it was the greatest thing I have ever heard(next to her crying for the first time, her laugh, and Andrew telling me he loves me!)

Last night we took Calleigh trick-or-treating to the Wibbeler side of the family. First we went to Papaw Jon and Gram Gram Betty's house, the to Great Grandpa Dennis' house, the the Aunt Beth and Uncle Earl's house(where we saw Zeth and Makenzie too), then to Jenner and Alan's house(Steffanie was there too) and then to Great Grandpa and Grandma Wibbeler's house! She is staying with them today, and last night she stayed the night with Jenner, Alan, and Steffanie. It was a shock to us, cause we were planning on bringing her home and then they asked if they could keep her. I was thrown for a loop to say the least. She has never stayed with anyone except Andrew and I, my parents and his parents. So, I had a little mommy anxiety going on. But I know she was fine and in good hands and they said it went well.

Tonight we are bringing her to OCU for trick the halls, so the kids here at school can see her. Then tomorrow night it is off to Grandma Janet's house, to LaDonna and Robin's house, to Sis and Jim's house,to Nana and Papa's house, and then to Jennifer and Brent's house, to Great Grandma Hays' house and then we get to come home! Yeah! I will post Halloween pics soon!

We are very excited to get to stay home on Saturday and spend time as a family. On Sunday, I have a bridal shower for my sister in law to go to in Indy with Calleigh, Andrew will be hunting, and then we can come home and hang out!

What kind of plans do you have for the weekend? Happy Halloween to everyone!

Love to all,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New ways to take a bath and a new car seat

So last night Calleigh took a bath without her the sink. She loves being in the sink so she can splash around. She also like playing with her toys! Here is a video and pictures!

Here are the pictures

She also got a new car seat, her is a picture of her first ride in it! She looks thrilled!

We are busy all week and have been busy all week and I am ready for a break. Tonight we are going to Andrew's dad's house to eat and so he can de-bone his deer, and I have to make a pie for my boss' birthday at work. Tomorrow night Andrew wants me to go hunting with him(can you feel the excitement?). On Saturday, I have to get up early, go shopping with my mom, go to my sister-in-law's bridal shower, go to a suprise party for my step-mother in law and then go to Kyle and Andrea's house. On Sunday, I need to clean the house and then stay home. I hope that happens. Let's pray for a miracle!

Love to all,

Monday, October 20, 2008

A trip to the ER, a wedding, and a pumpkin party!

On Monday we took Calleigh to the doctor for her 6 month well baby visit. She is 18 lbs 6 ozs and 28 inches long. Here is a pic of her at the office!

My weekend was so busy. We were going to go to the Zoo on Friday because we had the day off....but Calleigh was sick. She woke up on Thursday night(technically Friday morning) coughing very loudly and roughly for about 20 minutes. I got her calmed down and the next day she had a few more coughing episodes, so we called the doctor. He told us to take her to the ER, so off we went to the ER in Jasper. As soon as we got there we went right in. We saw a nurse first, who weighed and measured Calleigh. To take her temp, she had to put a thermometer up her butt, Callleigh did not like that to much but who can blame her? We then saw a dr. who said she had an upper respiratory infection and now she is on two prescription for the next 10 days. I had wedding rehearsal that night and Andrew stayed home with Calleigh. The next day, Andrew hauled off scrap metal and I got ready for the wedding. I went to the wedding and Andrew and Calleigh stayed home.

Congrats to Amber and Brent, the new Mr. and Mrs. Magruder!

I had the honor of being her Matron of Honor!

The next day, Andrew killed a doe with his bow at 9:27 in the morning and I was home with Calleigh. We got ready to go and went to the pumpkin painting party. Calleigh and I painted two pumpkins together.

Then we went to Andrew's dad's house and spent some time there with his dad and step mom. We went home and got ready for the week. Andrew and Calleigh watched the baseball game while I worked around the house a little.

Today, I came into work and Lauren made some YUMMY pumpkin dip and brought it in and it is sooo good!

Keep my family in your prayers this week as we remember back to 14 years ago family had to deal with the tragic loss of my uncle.

Love to all,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Family Pictures

Below is a slideshow of our fall family pictures! Enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Interesting facts-Animal version- and Our weekend

Here they are:

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.

A dragonfly has a life span of 24 hours.

A gold fish has a memory span of 3 seconds.

A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes.

A snail can sleep for 3 years.

A ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

Butterflies taste with their feet.

Cats have over 100 vocal sounds, dogs have about 10.

There are more chickens than people in the world.

Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.

Thought that those were interesting, thought I would share with everyone!

I had a good weekend, Friday evening we went to the football game to watch Zeth play again. They won, just like always. It was still nice to go.

On Saturday, we went to get my dress sized for this weekend, came home, and then went to Beth and Earl's house for pictures. The ones we saw were really good, and we are excited to see the rest! Here is picture of Calleigh and Roo from Saturday morning!

We spent Sunday at home in the evening at the was really nice! Not that busy of a week ahead, but we are always doing something! Take care!

Love to all,

Friday, October 10, 2008

What Happen's in Campus Life, Stays in Campus Life!

So, we had some free time today and this is what we did! Have a good laugh!

You will see Lauren and Kasey in the pictures too!

Love to all,

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The next few weeks in a nutshell!

Rain, Rain, stay here for a while! I love rain! I love the way is sounds when it hits the roof, I love the way it looks when it lands on pavement, I love to run and sing and dance in it. It's the simple things in life that make me happy really!

So, I had a super good weekend with my little family. We slept in a little on Saturday and then and went and met Andrew's grandma Wibbeler, dad, step-mom, step-sister and her husband, and Andrew's sister at Denny's for breakfast and it was gooder then good, if ya know what I mean! That afternoon I did some things around the house, Andrew got ready and went hunting, and I dropped Calleigh off at Andrew's mom's house. Then I went to Evansville to pick up a few things and then to meet Amber for her bachelorette dinner. We ate a Logan's Roadhouse, which was great! I came home, and we watched tv.

On Sunday, we got to church just in time! After church, Andrew and Calleigh had a little father/daughter time together and I went to get groceries and other at Wal-Mart in Jasper. When I got home, we went to Beth and Earl's for a bonfire thing. We roasted hot dogs, made smores, played corn hole, and spent time with his family. It was fun!

Andrew had to work last night and a will work a little tonight and then he will be home with us until November. Not really though, because it is deer season, so he will be out hunting. Calleigh gets another set of shots on Thursday and I have to get fitted for my dress, on Saturday we have family pictures, and then on Monday she has a dr. apt. and Roo has a grooming apt., and Friday I have the day off. On Friday, we are taking Calleigh to the Zoo with Kyle, Andrea, and maybe Alyssa, got to Red Lobster for lunch, and then I have rehearsal dinner for Amber and Brent's wedding which is on Saturday and then the Pumpkin party is on Sunday. Oh yeah, I have a dr. apt. on Friday before we go to the Zoo. So, the week ahead is going to be loaded up with things to do!

On another note, I did make chili soup and magic cookies last night, so Andrew will be home with us tonight and we plan to spend the night together in our pj's eating and watching tv! Hope all is well with everyone else! Take care and God Bless!

Love to all,