Thursday, October 23, 2008

New ways to take a bath and a new car seat

So last night Calleigh took a bath without her the sink. She loves being in the sink so she can splash around. She also like playing with her toys! Here is a video and pictures!

Here are the pictures

She also got a new car seat, her is a picture of her first ride in it! She looks thrilled!

We are busy all week and have been busy all week and I am ready for a break. Tonight we are going to Andrew's dad's house to eat and so he can de-bone his deer, and I have to make a pie for my boss' birthday at work. Tomorrow night Andrew wants me to go hunting with him(can you feel the excitement?). On Saturday, I have to get up early, go shopping with my mom, go to my sister-in-law's bridal shower, go to a suprise party for my step-mother in law and then go to Kyle and Andrea's house. On Sunday, I need to clean the house and then stay home. I hope that happens. Let's pray for a miracle!

Love to all,

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