Friday, May 22, 2009

"Show us where you live Fridays"


So, this week on Kelly's Korner blog she is showcasing Dining Rooms. We are in the process of making our Dining Room into Calleigh new big girl bedroom. We are moving our Dining Room, but I have pictures of what it used to look like and I will update this blog with new pictures when it is done in the new room! But for now, here you go!

This is the view from the door. The room is bright yellow and is decorated with sunflowers. I have packed all of this up(for now) and plan to get it out at another time. I love all of my sunflower things in this room!

This is the view from the other side of the room, looking towards the door. You can see the quilt on the wall. This is a VERY important part of my house. When I was a little girl, my grandma was older and thought she would not live to be able to see me get married. She has made quilts for all of the other grandchildren(who are all the same age as my Mom, she was a surprise!) and they already had their quilts. She worked on this, gave it to my Mom and explained that it was to be given to me at my Bridal Shower. It was such a wonderful thing to open that present and know that she was there with me on my special day. I miss her but know that she still looks after me. This is something that matched my room very well and I treasure that I have it in my house.

This is at the opposite end of the room. This is an old, antique buffet. I have lots of bake ware it it and it is awesome! My grandma purchased this at a yard sale for $10!!!! And trust me, it is worth a whole lot more! It very heavy, but I love having it!
So, now you have seen my "old" dining room! I hope that you enjoyed the tour! I'll get new pics up of my "new" dining room soon!

Pay it Forward...GIVEAWAY!!!!

This is my first giveaway....and I am the one hosting it! Channa over at Life As A Coaches Wife, is participating in Pay It Forward, so I thought I would too!

Here are the rules:

1.The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a small gift from me within one month!

2.You must be willing to host a pay it forward too! As well as send the gifts out to your recipients within a month.

3.Post this same thing on your blog and then come back and leave a comment telling me you're in! Please remember to leave your e-mail!

Now, what are you waiting for? Who can resist a free gift?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Any Bachelorette Fans out there?

I am not the only Bachelorette fan out there, am I? Since I do have a competitive spirit, so if there are anyof you out there that are willing to go against me here you go....a little competition.

I have joined a group that allows us to pick who we think Jillian will be with. You pick three guys, and then you get points for each "thing" they are the list of things:

*4 Points*
Making out with Jillian

*3 Points*
Staying the night w/ Jillian

*3 Points*
Verbal fight / physical fight

*3 Points*

*2 Points*
1v1 Date

*2 Points*
First Rose

*2 Points*
Get drunk

*1 Points*
Get beeped

*1 Points*
Showing off body to Jillian

*1 Points*
Saying they are 'falling in love' / 'fell in love' w Jillian

*1 Points*
Saying they have a "connection" with Jillian

*1 Points*
Peck Jillian (on lips)

*-1 Points*
A bachelor is there for the "wrong reasons" (said by anyone)

*-2 Points*
Bottom 2

*-7 Points*

So, if anyone up for the challenge? So You think that you know the Bachelorette better than me? If so, go to this website, sign up, and we'll duke it out! And let me know if you do sign up so I can track our progress! Here are my picks:

So, what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What did you think?

So, The Dancing with the Stars finals were last night and the winner was SHAWN JOHNSON!!!!

I loved all three of the final dancers, but she deserved to win just like the other two did. Honestly, any of the dancers could have won and I would have been pleased.

What did you think?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots of things to read about!

First let me start off by saying 4 words: Best. Season. Finale. EVER! And I mean EVER! It was great. I had the chance to watch it before we left for North Carolina. And it was worth every minute of watching it! So, now that we have seen this ending, what do you think will happen next season? Will they live or will they die? And did you see that coming, because I was totally blown away!

So, we left for North Carolina at midnight on Friday morning(or Thursday night) and our trip was not bad at all. We rode down with Andrew's mom and step dad. Calleigh slept for most of the trip, so she was ready to go when we got there. We arrived, checked into the hotel, and then took showers and naps. Andrew was an usher in the wedding, so after we took our showers and got ready to go. After the rehearsal we had dinner and came back to the hotel. We then went to see Levi and Ryan's new house, which they are building. It is very nice and almost done. We came back, visited with family and played some cards, and got ready for the wedding. The wedding was at the gardens at Grey Gables. It was out doors and was nice. The weather was not bad either. We had a long trip home and we were all very tired, so I took yesterday off. I got the house cleaned, the laundry done, the yard mowed and still had time to watch the Dancing with the Stars Finals, Part 1 and The new Bachelorette. I LOVED Jillian and wanted her to win the last season of the Bachelor, but at least now she is the New Bachelorette and I am excited to watch her season!

Who is you favorite guys? Here is a list of mine:

1. Jake-MY FAVORITE!!!!!

2. Kiptyn

3. Sasha

4. Ed

5. Wes

6. Mathue

7. Mike

8. Juan

Those are basically the only ones I really like. I hope that Jake stays for a long time, I really like him. But, we will see how he progresses and how he acts! Sometimes they can be very deceiving on the first few shows and then their true colors come out!

Today, I am back at work. We have a busy week ahead. Tonight, Andrew has a softball game. Tomorrow night Andrew has to work at a baseball game. Thursday Andrew has another Softball game. On Friday, Andrew's cousin Zeth graduates and we will be there. On Saturday, we will be going to WC as Andrew's students graduates and then we have some parties to attend. On Sunday we will be going to some more parties. So, no rest for us. But, we start another week, and maybe that week we will have some time to rest!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A dream and a memory

Last night I had a dream. This dream was not like any other. Let me start from the beginning. When I was 11 years old, my uncle was brutally murdered which was devastating for me. We were very close, and I had just lost my grandmother the year before, someone else I was very close to. So, I was lost and not understanding why or how this happened. This is still something I question each and every day, but I know that God had a reason and plan. He had a reason he needed my Uncle, and even though I do not know what that is, I trust that God is faithful to us, so we have to be faithful to him as well.

There were only 4 people in my dream: Calleigh, my Uncle, myself, and Andrew's Aunt Beth, whom I am also close with. It all started with a party for me at my parents house. We were down in a little valley and Beth and I walked up to the top of the hill. All of the sudden we saw a tornado coming and us and everyone ran. My Uncle grabbed my arm as I tried to go to the house and get Calleigh who was sleeping and he would not let me. He told me that if I went that way Calleigh would not have a mommy because the tornado would get me. So we ran across the street to a house(which is not there FYI). We hung out in the basement with a mom, dad and baby. All I could think about was Calleigh. The tornado passed and my Uncle and I were off to get Calleigh. Then I woke up.

It was just so vivid and I remember it still right now as clear as can be. It was the last thing I dreamed and I can not stop thinking about it. I even remember what he was wearing, which is what he always wore. The thing that gets me is that I have not dreamed about him in a long. long time. He never got to meet Calleigh since I was 11 when he passed away. And I have been trying to figure out what this dream meant or what it was about. I have a set of letters he wrote me once and every now and then I read them. Just to remember the good times. I do miss him so much. But today I am left wondering what this was about and what it meant?

As I think about my uncle, I also think about my mamaw, who would have loved Calleigh so very much. I wish she could have met her. I think about my papaw, who I never got to meet because he passed away 3 years before I was born. I think about my grandpa who passed away my freshman year in college. He would have spoiled her rotten! And I think about Andrew's grandma. She passed away at a nursing home during my baby shower; Just one and a half short months before Calleigh made her debut in this world. But it comforts me to know that they got to meet her first. They saw he first. They held her and played with her first. And they knew the exact day God was going to send her down to us. And I know in my heart they are proud of her and of us. It gives me a silent peace to know they had her for a while and now they are watching down on her and protecting her as her guardian angels.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Show us where you live Fridays"


We had a half day on Friday so I did not get to follow everyone's living rooms on Friday and I did not get to put my own up. But I have a little time here today so it might be late, but it's here!

This is a view from the door when you walk in. The kitchen is to the left and this is the living room to the right. I love how open they are.

Here is a view from the other side of the room, right beside our bedroom door.

This is the new canvas from Calleigh's first birthday pictures that I have hanging in the living room right beside our bedroom door. I love how it turned out!

This is the TV stand my parents got us for Christmas. I love how it looks old. It has great storage for Calleigh toys in the bottom. I love how I can throw them all in there and shut the door and no one knows any different! And don't you just love the deer about the TV!

Here are two picture of my fireplace. I love having it in our house! Above you will see our wedding picture and Calleigh's pictures on the side. I collect Willow Tree Angels, which my husband buys for me, and this is where they all go! I am almost out of room so Andrew might have to build me a bigger mantel!

This is one of my two end tables. I was VERY lucky that just when I wanted side tables my parents wanted different ones. So, we got theirs for free, they got new ones and it all worked out! I love my lamps(the other one is on the other table) I love their metal shades!

This is a table that Andrew's grandpa made us. Of course, another deer head in the living room! I can't really complain, because Andrew has let me decorate the whole house how I want AS LONG AS his 2 deer heads and turkey are in the living room. Since we have a country house, I am fine with the animals. I did get to squeeze in a little salt box house that lights up! It has so many pictures of close family and friends.....I love it!

Now you have seen my living room, I hope you enjoyed your tour!

A great Mother's Day

I had a GREAT mother's day! Here is picture of my mom, me, Calleigh and Andrew's mom.

We had our mom's over for dinner. We grilled out and had hot dogs, hamburger, and brats. We also had french fries and salad. For dessert we had apple pie and blueberry pie. Andrew bought me a hydrangea bush for the landscaping that we are working on. It is small now, but it will get bigger!

I am so blessed to be Calleigh's mom and to have such a great mom of my own! I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day too!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day and some Praises!!!

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I wanted to share with you an article I received just the other day.

Mother's Day.

By Bridgette Mongeon

There is no bigger delight than to have two little arms wrapped around your neck, a soft cheek pressed hard against your face, with an accompanying squeeze that is meant to be gigantic and is in the feel of it, but in presentation is the smallest of wonders. Accompanying that squeeze are the words. "I love you mommy." Mothers who now sit in wheelchairs in nursing homes can pull on that memory of love, and remember it as if it were yesterday.

I have been blessed to say that in the world of creativity I have created what some would consider to be a masterpiece or two. But, by far, my biggest contribution to the creativity and my legacy are my children. Along with those living masterpieces there have been some pretty spectacular chalk art masterpieces authored by mom and child.

As a child, Mother's day brings memories of making gifts for mom. Handprints in plaster, beautiful hand drawn cards, sachets, and elaborate bath crystals that were really just Epsom salts mixed with food coloring and put in a baby jars uniquely decorated by little hands. As a child, a Mother's day focused on my own mother until becoming a mother myself. Though I also loved celebrating my mom, because now I new intimately the mother/child bond from another perspective, I'm sad to say that often my long distance mother was lost in the hubbub of my own family celebrations.

My mother tells me you are always close with your mother. She gets dreamy as she thinks back to the love of Grandma Sugar, who has now passed away. The thought of not having my mother on this earth is unimaginable to me. As mom talks about Grandma Sugar I wondering if she remembers her own wrinkled and frail arms that were once young and plump with baby fat as they hugged her mothers young neck. Children and motherhood are a blessing. For all of the mothers out there blessings to you as you feel or remember, " I love you mommy."

Psalm 113:9 He honors the childless wife in her home, he makes her happy by giving her children.

Bridgette Mongeon is a sculptor of children and a writer. She is also the owner of the God’s Word Collectible Christian gift series, and the host of the Inspirations/Generations Podcast. She enjoys helping parents and children learn, bond and heal through creative means.
Give God's Word as a gift, collect God's Word in your heart!

This is going to be a wonderful Mother's Day. If you have been reading recently, you have read about out troubles in the past few months with our Heater/Air Conditioner and our fears of it not working much longer. You have also read about how the transmission went out of Andrew's truck. And now God is opening doors. Doors we never imagined him to open. But we put our faith and trust in him and things are beginning to fall into place.

We are working on a deal to get the money together for our new Heater/Air Conditioner. I will not go into the details, but it is amazing the people God puts in your life at just the right time. Andrew's dad is helping us with the truck. What a blessing! And finally, finally, finally, we can see ahead and it looks wonderful! The money is getting in order and God is taking care of it. Praise The Lord!

Yesterday was a rough day for Calleigh and me. I met my mom at the courthouse to get her shots. In our county, everyone has to take their child to the Board of Health to get their immunizations. Yesterday was the dreaded day. Calleigh always is such a good little girl and yesterday was not any different. I was left a message on my voice mail stating the we were to be there at 11:40. When we arrived, the nurse decided to take her lunch and left about 5 minuted before we arrived. Her lunch break was an hour. Since I am so blessed to have a wonderful boss, I was allowed to eat with my mom and Calleigh. We paid and filled out paperwork before we left and we told we would be the first person to get in when she got back. When we returned, we were seated and waited and then another family went ahead of us. Normally, no big deal. But since I had already waited an hour, paid and filled out the papers, and was told I would be first this was a big deal. When it was finally Calleigh's turn the ladies we just standing around and talking to each other like we were not even there. Finally, it was her turn. They then make us go into this room and I have to hold down her arms while someone else holds down her legs and they gave her three shots, 2 in one leg and 1 in the other. They are the MMR and Chicken Pox vaccines plus another. The MMR and Chicken Pox burn, so when my little Princess stated screaming I almost could not take it. It was her nap time, she was tired, her legs burned, and then they tell us we have to stay for 10 minutes to make sure she does not have a reaction. Mind you, and tired little girl, screaming because hre legs hurt and are burning, and we have to wait. Craziness!

She got in the car and was out like a light! Thank goodness! She was fine the rest of the day, no knots of signs of reactions, so all is well. But that was a nightmare. The worst part is they want her back in 1-2 months for more shots......luckily her daddy will be out of school and he can take her this time!

Andrew and his brother Kevin did get Calleigh's swing set put together and she loves it! She like the slide, the tower and the swings!

Tonight Calleigh and I are going to a Mother/Daughter banquet at Andrew's church. It should be fun!

If you are not busy tonight my friend and co-worker Lauren will be speaking at a Revival hosted by the Iron Men. It is called Revolution.....HERE is a little about check it out! In the blog she also talks about some other speaking arrangements she has going on this weekend.....

This weekend we finally get to see Andrea and Kyle, whom we have not seen in a month...which seems like forever! I am pumped!

Have a good day!

Friday, May 1, 2009

"Show us where you live Fridays"


So, I feel like you really did not get to see my kitchen, so I went home and took some more pics to show you all!

This is my canister set. I searched high and low for one that would be the perfect fit in my kitchen, and here it is!

This is the border that is in my kitchen:

And this is the corner cabinet I told you about earlier. My parents got it for me and it is great!

This is the old toolbox I have decorated to match the grapes and wine in the kitchen. It sits out our bar:

And lastly, this is my glass cake holder. I love this thing. I added a little bunch of grapes to the front, and it sits in the corner of the bar! It's good to keep cakes or cookies in!

Now you have seen more of my kitchen, I hope you enjoyed the tour!


Those of you who know me know that I love to read other blogs and see what is going on in the lives of others around the world. One wonderful woman I have met through this process is Kelly Stamps(I have not really met her in person, but I am sure that we would be friends if we would ever meet!) On her blog she is doing a little edition called "Show us where you live Fridays" She is showcasing different rooms in her house and has invited us all to join in with her! This Friday's room is the Kitchen.

My house is older with so many older things, but my kitchen is one room I am proud of. We have done so much work to our kitchen....I wish I had better pictures, but I really forgot about this and these just happen to be the pictures I have....I promise to do better next time!

This is a view of my whole kitchen:

Some of the things we have done to this kitchen are paint, add border, changed out the light in the center of the room, painting the cabinets, and add a new fridge. We still would like to get a new sink and faucet, new flooring and a new stove, but keep the way the stove looks now. In the corner you will see a small little corner cabinet. I love older, primitive things, and this is great for storing snacks and small things like baby food. My parents got it for us for Christmas 2007 and I love it! Another thing that I love is the vase on the counter. It is carnival glass that my Mamaw had and my mom gave it to me. I have now started collecting more and more of it in hope of one day having a bigger kitchen with a china cabinet that I could showcase this all in. Some of the things that I love about this kitchen are the amount of cabinets I have, the older lights above the bar, but the thing I love the most is the stove:

Isn't that the best stove? The people who lived in the house before me did a lot wrong, but this is one things that is right! I love this!

I did not know if we were supposed to put our dining rooms on this, but I decided to wait for Kelly to do a dining room edition! So, if so, sorry, I'll get it next time!