Thursday, May 21, 2009

Any Bachelorette Fans out there?

I am not the only Bachelorette fan out there, am I? Since I do have a competitive spirit, so if there are anyof you out there that are willing to go against me here you go....a little competition.

I have joined a group that allows us to pick who we think Jillian will be with. You pick three guys, and then you get points for each "thing" they are the list of things:

*4 Points*
Making out with Jillian

*3 Points*
Staying the night w/ Jillian

*3 Points*
Verbal fight / physical fight

*3 Points*

*2 Points*
1v1 Date

*2 Points*
First Rose

*2 Points*
Get drunk

*1 Points*
Get beeped

*1 Points*
Showing off body to Jillian

*1 Points*
Saying they are 'falling in love' / 'fell in love' w Jillian

*1 Points*
Saying they have a "connection" with Jillian

*1 Points*
Peck Jillian (on lips)

*-1 Points*
A bachelor is there for the "wrong reasons" (said by anyone)

*-2 Points*
Bottom 2

*-7 Points*

So, if anyone up for the challenge? So You think that you know the Bachelorette better than me? If so, go to this website, sign up, and we'll duke it out! And let me know if you do sign up so I can track our progress! Here are my picks:

So, what are you waiting for?

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Anonymous said...

I really like your new background!