Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Show us where you live Fridays"


We had a half day on Friday so I did not get to follow everyone's living rooms on Friday and I did not get to put my own up. But I have a little time here today so it might be late, but it's here!

This is a view from the door when you walk in. The kitchen is to the left and this is the living room to the right. I love how open they are.

Here is a view from the other side of the room, right beside our bedroom door.

This is the new canvas from Calleigh's first birthday pictures that I have hanging in the living room right beside our bedroom door. I love how it turned out!

This is the TV stand my parents got us for Christmas. I love how it looks old. It has great storage for Calleigh toys in the bottom. I love how I can throw them all in there and shut the door and no one knows any different! And don't you just love the deer about the TV!

Here are two picture of my fireplace. I love having it in our house! Above you will see our wedding picture and Calleigh's pictures on the side. I collect Willow Tree Angels, which my husband buys for me, and this is where they all go! I am almost out of room so Andrew might have to build me a bigger mantel!

This is one of my two end tables. I was VERY lucky that just when I wanted side tables my parents wanted different ones. So, we got theirs for free, they got new ones and it all worked out! I love my lamps(the other one is on the other table) I love their metal shades!

This is a table that Andrew's grandpa made us. Of course, another deer head in the living room! I can't really complain, because Andrew has let me decorate the whole house how I want AS LONG AS his 2 deer heads and turkey are in the living room. Since we have a country house, I am fine with the animals. I did get to squeeze in a little salt box house that lights up! It has so many pictures of close family and friends.....I love it!

Now you have seen my living room, I hope you enjoyed your tour!


Claire said...

Ooooh, I love your room!


Chelsa said...

we have the same decorating taste! love all your stuff. teh canvas did turn out great! the table his gpa made you is awesome! i really want new end tables, but i'm just too cheap to buy any (ours don't match).