Monday, October 20, 2008

A trip to the ER, a wedding, and a pumpkin party!

On Monday we took Calleigh to the doctor for her 6 month well baby visit. She is 18 lbs 6 ozs and 28 inches long. Here is a pic of her at the office!

My weekend was so busy. We were going to go to the Zoo on Friday because we had the day off....but Calleigh was sick. She woke up on Thursday night(technically Friday morning) coughing very loudly and roughly for about 20 minutes. I got her calmed down and the next day she had a few more coughing episodes, so we called the doctor. He told us to take her to the ER, so off we went to the ER in Jasper. As soon as we got there we went right in. We saw a nurse first, who weighed and measured Calleigh. To take her temp, she had to put a thermometer up her butt, Callleigh did not like that to much but who can blame her? We then saw a dr. who said she had an upper respiratory infection and now she is on two prescription for the next 10 days. I had wedding rehearsal that night and Andrew stayed home with Calleigh. The next day, Andrew hauled off scrap metal and I got ready for the wedding. I went to the wedding and Andrew and Calleigh stayed home.

Congrats to Amber and Brent, the new Mr. and Mrs. Magruder!

I had the honor of being her Matron of Honor!

The next day, Andrew killed a doe with his bow at 9:27 in the morning and I was home with Calleigh. We got ready to go and went to the pumpkin painting party. Calleigh and I painted two pumpkins together.

Then we went to Andrew's dad's house and spent some time there with his dad and step mom. We went home and got ready for the week. Andrew and Calleigh watched the baseball game while I worked around the house a little.

Today, I came into work and Lauren made some YUMMY pumpkin dip and brought it in and it is sooo good!

Keep my family in your prayers this week as we remember back to 14 years ago family had to deal with the tragic loss of my uncle.

Love to all,

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