Thursday, November 20, 2008

Calleigh is getting her first tooth!

On Sunday, I noticed that Calleigh had been drooling a lot, more than usual. So, I wondered if maybe she was cutting her first tooth. I stuck my finger in her mouth, and sure enough, the bottom front there were 4 little points, the sprouts of her first tooth. I was excited, just because it is another first for her and we are very excited. She seems to be handling it very well. Not much fussing, so I am grateful for that!

My grandma has been sick for a while and would not go to the doctor. She was in so much pain on Sunday night she finally had to call my dad to take her. When she got there she told them about her problems and they did some test and a CAT scan and found out she has two kidney stones, one in each kidney, very large in size, and the left one was stuck in her urinary track. The admitted her and she was put on some strong pain meds. On Monday the doctor told us her options and she decided that she wanted to try the shock wave therapy which would break up her kidney stone. Before they could do that they had to get the stone out of her track and into her kidney so that they could do the surgery. The surgery was yesterday and things went very well. She is coming home today and she will go back for the other stone in a couple of weeks.

Andrew and I have been going through some rough times, not in our relationship, but with different aspects of our lives. We are facing these things head on, but it seems like when one thing gets fixed another thing goes wrong. Please just pray that things get worked out.

We are planning a Christmas party with friends and trying to get all of our holiday worked out. I will be getting in touch will all of you shortly about our plans and to see what can work with everyone.

I hope you are having a good day, let me know what's going on with you! Have a good day!

Love to all,

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