Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sometimes God throws a wrench in your plans.....

Andrew and I were talking the other night about how our life was. We both were talking about how lucky we were and what a great life we hve. Then, we got to talking about what we had planned for our lives before we met each other. Andrew had planned to graduate and live the bachelor life for a while and I had other plans as well.

In high school I took many business classes and decided that was what I wanted to do. I had big plans of going to college and getting my degree then moving to the a smaller city(such as Louisville) for a few years and then heading off to a larger city(such as New York) and be a working girl, living the single life all on my own. I wanted a loft apartment with all modern things inside, a little Yorkie named Bella to greet me and sleep with me at night, and plans to be out on the town with my girls every night of the week. I saw myself dating different guys for a while while waiting for my M.r Right to come along. I was just sure that he would be Mr. Suave with a good job in a firm of some sort and buy me fancy things and take me out to eat all of the time. Picture me being Kate Hudson in "How to lose a guy in 10 days" ........that was my vision for a long time. Then Spring 2003 came rollin' around.

In had been single for a while and prayed for God to give me a good guy to "date". Someone who wanted to have fun, dressed and looked presentable, had a good background and family, and was a Christian. And just like that Andrew dropped into my life. We had such a good time together and our first date was that February. September 2004 my life changed paths when he proposed. And September 2005 I became Mrs. Andrew Wibbeler. God had different plans. And my life took a completely different path than I had planned.

My life is better than I had ever pictured. Instead of jogging around Central Park I run around my yard chasing my sweet little girl. Instead of shopping at Bloomingdale's I enjoy Wal-Mart and on special occasions, Eastland Mall. Instead of fancy restaurants with top chefs I have a wonderful evening meals at Candace's Kitchen prepared by Andrew and myself. Instead of drinks with the girls late at night I enjoy my women's gatherings with the great ladies from Mt. Pisgah G.B. Church.

I once saw myself on the fast track to a big and fancy job. Now I hope to someday see myself at home with my 3-4 kids playing in the yard and Andrew and I sitting on our porch in our rocking chairs. Sometimes, God throws a wrench in our plans........the old go up in smoke and the new are laid out in his time for you to see. I can't imagine my plan being any different or better than what I have right now. However, I do hope that I can have one short vacation in New York......maybe Andrew will take me to Central Park to go ice skating at Christmas and later we can stroll on down to F. A. O. Schwartz to buy presents for our kids! Maybe if I am really lucky he will also sneak in a trip to Tiffany and Company and a Broadway play! A girl can always dream!

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