Wednesday, July 14, 2010

God in the most unexpected places

Sometimes when we least expect it but need it the most, God shows up in the most unexpected places. I went to the dentist this morning for my 6-month cleaning and I was a little nervous this time. I usually am just fine. I have good teeth normally do not need anything out the ordinary done. Today, I went in and was thrown off. The dental hygienist who usually cleans my teeth was busy today helping with a surgery. A new lady, who we'll call "L" called my name. As I followed her back to her room, I wondered how this would go, how long had she been doing this, is she going to make my teeth hurt, and so on. When we got back to her room I notice some pictures of her children, all grown, 1 boy and 2 girls. She talked about her two girls and I told her about Calleigh. She read on my chart that I was taking prenatal vitamins and asked if we were trying for another baby. I explained that it took 19 months with Calleigh and we had been trying for a while. I also told her that I was going to have some test ran in a couple of days to see if I might be having some fertility problems again. She proceeded to clean my teeth and then she paged the dentist. We talked about my husbands family and she knew some of them and we talked about what a small world it really is.

When the dentist came into the room to take a look at my teeth, she was there with us. Dr. T has been a friend of my parents for a long time. I grew up with his wife. She as 10 years older than me and she was always like the big sister I never had. Jody and I were very close and we still are. She actually is the one referred me to Dr. Beckman, who is my OBGYN. She was the one who helped me get ready for my wedding and did my makeup. Needless to say, we are close and have been for a while. Dr. T told me that my teeth look good and then asked how everything was going with our family. I told him about Andrew, Calleigh and with trying to have another baby and everything else is going on with our life. He told me that he and Jody would pray for us. Then L, who had been my hygienist, also said she would pray for us. She told me when it was God's timing that he would give me a baby. She told me that it's his will. He gives and takes away. Then she got teary-eyed and told me about how she had a son who had passed away 10 years ago unexpectedly. She told me they only planned on having two children and then she was surprised with three. She said it was not their plan, but she was ok with it. Then she told me how God gave her three because her daughters would needed other when their brother passed away. And she was right. I never expected to be an only child, but I am. I never have wanted Calleigh to be an only child, but as of right now, she is and if and when it's God's will, he will give her a sibling.

It's nice to know that no matter where you are, God is there with you. He is in the most unexpected places. He is teaching me to trust him unconditionally and know it is his will and his time, not mine.

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Casondra said...

This is so true Candace! We'll be praying for you guys as well.