Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Life 365

So today I decided that I don't want to miss anything the girls are doing and I need a way to document the moments that are happening right before my very eyes.......which leads to my next project. It's called Life 365. It starts tonight. What's the deal? Well, each day you take a picture of something that happened on that day. The next day, you blog about it. Sounds simple enough....right? Now I just have to remember to take a picture each and every day. And I will not be able to blog on the weekends since we do not have Internet at home, but I will play catch-up on Mondays. I'm excited about this. I am going to do this. Listen to me talking myself into it. I feel like I sometimes miss out on things I need to document and what better way than this? Let's go for it!

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