Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Addie is getting a tooth and pictures!

Last night at Andrew's school they had a Preview Night. This is where they introduce the basketball teams, the cheerleaders, and the dance team. They have a chili supper before hand. It is just a fun night with fun events and a little scrimmage to show you how the teams are going to look this year. It was fun and about 15 minutes in Addie grabbed my hand and stuck it in her mouth. Nothing new, as she is in the "Chewing" stage and she sticks everything in her mouth......however this time, I felt some little points and realized she is getting her fist tooth! She is getting so big which makes me sad but she is so fun and I love having two beautiful girls!

I posted some pics yesterday, but if you would like to see more here is the link:


They turned out great and I really like all of them!

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