Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Recap and Much more

Well, Christmas has come and gone once again and things are so busy with us.....does it ever slow down? The girls both had a wonderful Christmas! As did Mommy and Daddy. Calleigh got an American girl doll, a Leap Pad, some clothes, and new dance outfit and much more! Addie got some dolls, clothes, and an American Girl bitty baby! They both also got some new decorations for their rooms. Andrew and I got a Wii, money, and clothes. I bought him a new jacket and he got me a Kindle Fire and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!!

My blog is going through a little construction and I am so excited about the changes that are coming......I have seen a sneak peek and I love it! Jenissa is doing a great job and I can not wait to share it with all of you!

For 2012 Andrew and I have started a few things(not resolutions so much) and they are going well. We have started a new budget and hopefully by 2016 we will have all of our debt cleared....some student loans included. All we should be paying by then will be our monthly bills and that will be glorious. We are going to start saving for a new truck for him and also save for our future home! And that makes me super happy. We have a few more updates that we would like to do to our house, then live in it for 5-7 more years and then build and make the move and that's GREAT news! We have also been eating our meals at the table as a family. I know that does not sound like something we should just now be doing, however, Calleigh has a little table and chairs she like to eat at and Andrew and I just always ate in the living room. We decided that we both always ate at the table when we were younger and we wanted to start doing that with the girls. We have also been playing Wii together as a family almost every night and it is a fun way for us to all spend some quality time together. Andrew and I are going to try to go on a date every month....just the two of us......so let's pray that these things continue to happen!

I have also started reading a lot more(now that I have the Kindle) like I used to. I have also began to lose some weight and I would like to continue to do that.

Life is good at the Wibbeler household........SUPER BUSY, but good! I hope to post some pictures of my sweet girls soon!

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