Monday, December 6, 2010

All aboard the Polar Express!!!

On Sunday evening, Andrew, Calleigh, my Parents and I all took a train ride on the Polar Express. We waitied outside in the cold as we were getting ready to board the traing and it was snowing and it was PERFECT!!! After we boarded the train, we all got comfortable, and in a matter of moments the fun began! Here is a video of Calleigh when the train started moving:

As were were moving the narrator began reading the story of the Polar Express to the children. The conductor then began walking down the aisle punching tickets just like on the movie.
When we got to the section in the book where they talk about the kids having hot chocolate and drinks the conductor yells "Who's thirsty?!?" and all of the kids were so excited. The "elves" on the traing then passed out hot chocolate to everyone and then passed out red and green sugar cookies.

The narrator then began reading the rest of the story. Our train passed through a tunnel and all of the elves told us to make sure and look to the right as soon as we got out of the tunnel because we were almost to the North Pole! As soon as we got the the North Pole, Calleigh was busy looking out the window for Santa! As soon as we saw him her eyes lit up like I have never seen before and she was yelling Santa Claus! It was a moment that I will never forget! He boarded the train with us and gave each child a silver bell, just like out of the movie! Then the children danced up and down the aisles with the elves and each child had their picture taken with Santa and the elves! Calleigh had such a good time, as did I! It is such a blessing as a parent to see the excitement on your childs face when these moments happen!

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