Monday, November 19, 2012

Sisterly love

While I was home over the weekend, I got to spend some WoNdErFuL time with my babies.......we watched TV, we snuggled, we cooked, we played, we talked, we did it all!!!!!  This is such a pivotal part of Addie's life as she is learning to talk and Calleigh is teaching her so many words.  So far she is saying mama(my favorite), dada, tally(for Calleigh) Roo, puppy, thank you, awe, baby, bye bye, hi, hot, light, ball, ouch.  Calleigh was so proud on Thursday morning when I called that she had taught Addie how to say hi.  It is so cute to watch Calleigh teach her things.  The love each other so much and that just makes my heart melt!  I love their love for each other.  Sometimes they are at each other, but for the most part they love each other so much and play wonderfully together!  And I get to go home tomorrow!!!!!!

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