Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving, the last Bridal Shower and Lots of Love

I had to work on Monday and Tuesday last week but I had the rest of the week off. On Wednesday I went shopping at WalMart and got some groceries for my Thanksgiving cake and for the sweet potatoes(which turned out well, by the way!) After I got home, we went to hang out with Andrew's sister Katie and her soon-to-be husband Jon. Calleigh had a good time playing with them and Jon's IPhone! On Thursday, we got up and went to my mom and dad's house for lunch. I fixed sweet potatoes and butterfinger cake. We hung out there and then we went to Andrew's Aunt Beth's house for the Wibbeler Thanksgiving. It was fun. Calleigh stayed all night with my parents so that I could go to WalMart the next morning.

I got up bright and early at 3:45, got dressed and I was off to WalMart. I do not shop on the day after Thanksgiving because I do not want to fight people for gifts. That just makes the holiday not fun and I do not go. But, my parents wanted to get Calleigh a portable DVD player and case, so I went to WalMart. It was total madness to say that least. No one got hurt and people were generally nice, but every now and then you run into a person and who was not nice. On Friday evening, we went and spent time with Andrew's family from North Carolina. On Saturday morning, we went to Georgetown for Katie's bridal shower(the last one!) and then we came home and started to decorate for Christmas. On Sunday we went to church and then hung out with Andrew's brother Kevin and his girlfriend Nancy. She is really nice and we like her a lot.
Here they are:

Last night Andrew and his step-dad Greg went hunting together and Andrew killed another doe; that makes 3 for this year. Here are a few pics of daddy and his girl with the deer:

We have a busy week ahead, with parties and cooking and so much to do. I am glad that most of my shopping is done, now all I have to do is wrap it all! Take care, it's time to go home! I'll write more tomorrow with more pics!

Love to all,

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