Friday, February 6, 2009

I know God has plans, but sometimes I wish I knew what they are!

Just a little update for those of you who have been asking about the Career Service job here at Oakland City University. Well, I did not get the job. I felt as thought my interview went well, but that is something that you never know about. It could be wonderful for you, and then others have one that is better. I do not have a legit reason why it did not work out, I was just told that they went with 2 other people. Sometimes I feel like I get the shaft here at Oakland City. My boss, who I have also become good friends with, wanted to be the one to tell me and I respect him for that. He is an awesome guy, who is a blessing to work with. He has actually helped me in getting jobs by giving me a reference, so I know he is sincere. And my friend, Lauren(aka Housing Director) is an amazing person to work with. It is not that I do not like my job, because I LOVE it, but it does not pay enough(which is something my boss is also working on!) So, maybe it will all work out here. I feel this is where I am supposed to be. I know that I am a hard worker, I am skilled in many ways, and I will get the job that God has ahead for me. I wish that I knew what it was and that it would get her soon, but it will, in God's time.

I know that someday I want to have another baby, but that can't happen until Andrew or I(or both) get different jobs. We want to be able to give a child everything they deserve and need, and financially right now we can only provide for ourselves and Calleigh. If God were to bless us with another child, we could make do, but we would rather wait until we are more financially stable. But, like I said, it's all in God's plan.

Chelsa has updated her blog with an update on her health. Praise the Lord that she is physically getting better. This is going to be a long process for her, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers! She also asks that we pray for her husband, Ryan, as he is fighting a cold/sinus issue.

Another praise that I have is that Harper, Kelly's little girl, finally is at home after 20 days! Kelly and Scott got to dress her up and take her home last night! Our God is amazing and awesome and he can do things we think are impossible!

Andrew and I are going to a dance tomorrow! I am excited that I get to get all dressed up, go out to eat, and have a good time with the love of my life! Calleigh will be staying with her Grandma Janet(Andrew's mom) the whole night, which will be a bonding experience for them. And a night off for Andrew and I ;-)

We are expecting some warm weather here over the weekend, and I am excited about that! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!
Here is a picture of my cutie! Or maybe 2! Take care!

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