Thursday, February 19, 2009

In Honor of some others!


I can only imagine what fun he is having there! Playing with the other angels, running and jumping, listening to Jesus read him stories and tell him about the world, playing tag, eating cookies, and looking down on his family and watching over them!

In Honor of the Knepp family, I have been inspired by a friend of theirs to write a little about Andon. On Valentine's Day, we were asked to do something in his honor, something to remember little Andon on that day. What did I do with my family? The one thing I could think to do to honor him and the Knepp family was to cherish the family I have been blessed with and spend time with them. We did not need to do anything more important or special then to be with each other. And that is exactly what we did. Andrew and I exchanged our presents a little early (Friday night) so we stayed at home, made a new recipe that we wanted to try, baked a cake, watched some tv, and played with Calleigh. And it was the best Valentine's Day I could have asked for.

For those of you who are wondering what Andrew and I got each other here is your answer: Andrew got me 3 pink roses, one for each year we have been married, and a sign that say "Live by the sun, Love by the moon" I got him some chocolate and a movie. In most families, it is the woman who loves chocolate; but we are not that kind of a family. Andrew loves sweets and I could completely do with out them!

Andrew has decided that he is going to start his MAT and has chosen the principal option......and I am very excited for him! I have known all along that he would make a wonderful principal, and now he has decided to go for it! I am backing him 100%! Keep our family in your prayers while we go through this transition and give my husband the strength to not give up, I know he will do great!

Andrew is very active in his school and will be doing a part in a pep session as Michael Jackson in Thriller. He has been staying after school learning the dance with some other teachers....I am very excited to have tomorrow off so I can go and watch him! Here is a little peak of the real thing...we'll see if his looks like this!

Please pray for a girl I know who was 16 weeks along lost her baby. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers!

Also, please keep Andrew, Calleigh, and I in your prayers as we travel to see Andrew's sister in Indy this weekend!

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