Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday......Invitations!

Since Calleigh's birthday is so close (only 1 month away, can you believe it?) I have begun working on her party. I know that she has no idea about anything I am doing, but I want it to be special. Since she does not have a favorite character or anything like that, I have decided to go with polka dots for her party. I am making polka dot cupcakes for everyone, having a small meal,and making gift bags for the kids from Calleigh thanking them for coming to her party! I am really pumped about this if you can't tell. I think that my real calling was to be a party planner! I love it!

I could not find the invitations that I wanted, so I decided to make them. I went to my favorite scrapbook store, The Doodlebug, and picked out some paper. Then, I found the envelopes, printed and cut the invitations, and now I am punching hold and securing them together with ribbon. Here are two pics of what I am doing:
The one on the top is the unfinished invitations and the bottom is what they look like finished.

We had a great time in Indy with Andrew's sister Katie and her husband Jon. We played a LOT of RockBand...if you have never played, this find one and try it out; It was so much fun! Andrew had his dancing debut in "Thriller" at his school on Friday and it was pretty awesome! I video recorded it, but it did not record right :-( But, it was so good! He is doing another thing this week at their pep session for the sectional games which are on Tuesday! GO CARDINALS!

Hope your weekend was great, sorry I have not be updating as much, but I have been swamped! Take care and God bless!

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