Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sectional Time and the Bachelor!

Victory Cardinals Fight Fight Fight!!!

Tonight is sectional night and we are cheering for Washington Catholic! It's red out night, so we are decked out in our red cardinal shirts, Calleigh will be in her cardinal cheerleading uniform and we are headed to North Daivess High School. This is what we live for! High School Basketball!

We will also be cheering for our old high schools,the Pike Central Chargers and the Southridge Raiders!

Luckily, all 3 schools are in different sectionals, so we do not have to pick one to side with!

We should be getting out tax refund money back soon and we are so excited to be paying off some bills! Yeah for getting rid of debt!

Our weekend was packed with fun time! We woke up Saturday morning after getting to sleep in(finally) and Calleigh and I headed to a baby shower while Andrew went to pick up some fire wood. I dropped Calleigh off at Andrew's moms house and I headed home. Andrew and I got ready and went to a wedding for Scott and Crimson and we had a good time there! We did not know a lot of people, but it was still fun to get to be at their wedding and share some conversation with them! On Sunday, we went to Andrew's families church and then we ate at a benefit for a very wonderful lady named Lynn. She owns the pizza place in town and she is sick with something called Merca. This is a disease that leaves open sores on her body, and sometimes they get in very bad shape. She has two on her legs that require skin graphs because they are so bad. The benefit was a spaghetti lunch and all the food was donated. They also had a silent auction and raised about $7,000 for her! We then we to Beth and Earl's house to spend some time with the family, went to Los Dos Charo's to eat, and then went home.

Yesterday we cleaned the house and watched the Bachelor Finale. What a disappointment! I loved Jason on the Bachelorette and was so excited that he would be the Bachelor. Then it was perfect, he picked the right girls, got rid of the crazies, and it was down to 5. Then went Stephanie, Then Naomi, Then Jillian(who I loved) and it was last night! Down to Melissa and Molly. I love them both, so whoever he picks is going to be great. He picked Melissa, who was so excited. It was wonderful....almost to good to be true. And it was. Right after the finale come the After the Final Rose show, where they take a look at how things are going. Jason walks out, says he is not happy with Melissa and can't stop thinking about Molly. He broke it off with Melissa on TV.....hello, this is not cool at all! Then Molly comes out and he tells her he wants to be with her, and the next thing you know she is back with him they are hugging and kissing and all is well......until tonight. There is ANOTHER after the final rose show tonight...what more can there be? My speculation is that (a) he is not happy with Molly anymore, (b) he wants Melissa back, (c) he is not with either one of them or(d) he is with one and they are very happy!

Let's watch tonight(I am DVR-ing it) and see what happens......I can't wait!

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