Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ID Fraud

Yesterday morning started out just like any other morning at work....
I came in, checked my voice mails, checked my emails and got ready for the day. Then, the phone rang. It was a lady from my bank calling to confirm some recent transactions that looked abnormal. Well, abnormal was not even a good word to describe these actions. Someone had stolen my debit card number, charged plane tickets to Italy to it(which now I now cost $1762.65, just in case you want to go) and some other small charges. Orbitz for $10.99, Itunes(amount still unknown), Wal-Mart for $44.00, a gas station, Subway and some others. TOTAL= Aprox. $2000!

They told me to go to the bank with Andrew and we would take care of everything there. The card company sent over a fraud report, the bank sat down with us and went through statements to see what else could have been taken out that we did not do, and after a couple of hours and lots of phone calls things are going to be just fine and taken care of. The bank has frozen my card, but Andrew's is fine. Our checking account seems to be fine, but we are having to keep a close eye on things.

It is really scary to have someone have your debit card information. I am very thankful for my bank and card company. They paid close attention to my account and they knew things looked unusual. This person made the major purchases during the middle on the night(we're talking 12-1 at night people....those of you who know me know I am fast asleep in my warm bed at those times) so that was a warning sign for them.

I am also thankful for co-workers who are a good support system during these times. Here I was at work with no money or no access to my money, no money for lunch, and no money for gas. Lauren and Jim both gave me money when I needed some.....could I ever find better co-workers? I don't think so!

I felt bad because it was MY card, not Andrew's, that they stole the numbers from. But Laurie at the bank made me feel a lot better. She told me it was nothing I had done. These people can get your numbers a lot of ways. So always guard yourself when entering those pin numbers and be careful where you use your card. I know that I am going to be super cautious from now on!

Please pray with me for these people who stole my numbers. Pray for conviction for their heart and maybe through all of this that they will find God if they do not know him already. If they are going through a rough time, pray for peace and comfort form them. I am praising him because he was there when I needed him. And, I got most of my money back...with a little work, we should have it all shortly!

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Chelsa said...

this exact same thing happened to me and ryan during our first year of marriage! we had all of wedding money in our checking account and someone from RUSSIA stole all of our money w/ my debit card no. it was a mess, but thankfull we got most of our money back too! it still freaks me out to think how easily that can be done.