Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's going on?

Sectionals are over for the WC Cardinals! They lost, although they put up a good fight! We are very proud of them and very proud to be a part of a school with such school spirit! It was great! Calleigh had such a good time watching the game, the cheerleaders, and the students! She clapped her hands and smiled the whole time! Here is a family pic and some pics of Calleigh having a good time!

We had a good night at the game, but we were very happy to get to stay home last night! It was nice to eat hamburgers and french fries at home! When we got home we watched The Bachelor: After The Final Rose, Part 2. It was good to see the things are working out for Jason and Molly, and I am happy for them, but I hate the way he broke it off with Melissa on TV....what was he thinking? The good news is that Jillian (MY FAVORITE) is going to be the next Bachelorette and that is scheduled to start on May 18. I am pumped! Next Monday night will be Dancing with the Stars and I am glad to get to watch it again too (just not as glad as I am about the Bachelor/Bachelorette!!!)

Tonight we are planning on going to see Andrew's Dad and Step-mom. We love to spend time with them and they love to spoil Calleigh rotten!

Tomorrow is a big day for us, so please keep us in your prayers. It could be a new and wonderful job possibility for Andrew, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that he finds out some good news tomorrow, but we may not even know until this summer.....we'll just have to see what happens and pray that God's will be done in our lives!

Please pray for the McKay family as they are going through a rough time with the loss of their husband/father. It was such a sudden thing, so sad.

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