Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Little Update

I have not blogged for a while so I decided it was time. We have been absolutely swamped with different things that have been going on. I usually follow Kelly's "Show us where you live Fridays" Tour, but she did the two room that I am in the process of redoing. Calleigh is moving into her big girl room, which was previously the dining room, and her old room is going to be turned back into the guest bedroom/office. But as soon as I get it all together I will be sure to post pics so everyone can see what we have been working on.

Andrew started his MAT program today in hopes of getting his Principal's license. We are still in the process of letting God take the reigns and guide us to where he wants us to be. This is not and has not been an easy thing, but we know he has plans for us and we just have to let him be in control.

I hope you like the new blog look. I decided to keep it simple, and I loved the old design, but the template was not working correctly. So I went with this one. Let me know what you think!

Well, I am at work, so I better get back to my job! I'll do better at posting more and keeping everyone updated! Pray for us. We took Calleigh's paci away this Monday morning, and the past few days have been rough. Pray that God gives us the strength to not give it back to her and for her to learn that she does not need it!

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