Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

My Mothers Day was perfect. It went just like I wanted it to. Andrew let me sleep in a little bit, when I got up Calleigh brought me not one, but 2 mother's day cards that she had made for me. One she made at my mom's house. It had a pic of her in the middle and she had colored around the edges of it. She also has a fascination with flowers so she picks them all of the time. My mom had dried and glued some of the flowers to the paper. It was perfect. The second card was one she made with Andrew at our house. It said Happy Mother's Day on the front and he wrote me a little message from Calleigh saying that she was glad the she was "stuck" with my as her mom. It also said that if anyone asked her to trade moms she say "nope". Two of her favorite words are stuck and nope, so it was perfect! We ate breakfast and we were off to church.

Church was perfect also. I have been praying a lot lately, for many different things that are going on in our life right now and I just went the the altar and poured my worries and heart to the Lord and he just listened. My mom came up and prayed with me. If that was the only thing I had gotten for Mother's Day my day would have been complete. The extra thing I got at that service was to see my dad at church with my mom. I know that the knows the Lord, but I pray for him to have a closer relationship with the Lord, and he is slowly coming around, and for that I am thankful.
After church we went to a gathering for Andrew's dads side of the family. That was fun and it was nice to see everyone. That evening we had our mom's, my dad, and Andrew's step-dad over to our house. This has become a tradition ever since we have moved into our house. We grilled out and had homemade ice cream and it was great! The night ended with Calleigh bringing me 3 pink roses, one for each year we have celebrated Mother's Day together, and it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen her do. She went outside with my mom and came walking back in the house with the flowers in her hand saying "Mama" and handed them to me. It is a moment I will never, ever forget. All in all, this Mother's Day was perfect!

Andrew and I are going through a lot right now and if you are reading this and you believe in the power of prayer please take a second to pray for us. Andrew has a very important job interview on Wednesday, he is having an issue with on of his Masters classes, we are slowly working on becoming financially free of debt, and trying desperately to have another baby. Our marriage is stronger than ever and we are working on this all together, but we are a little stressed right now. Just remember us when you are praying. God brought us to it and he will walk with us as we get through it. He is always there for us, and he's counting on me and I'm counting on him too! He never lets me down, I just have to learn it's his timing and his plan, not mine.

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