Friday, May 21, 2010

Show us where you live: My Town

This week on Kelly's Korner the focus is on where you live, your town. We live in a very small town. All we have is a gas station, a grocery store, a pizza shop, and a liquor store.....oh, but we do have an AWESOME Library! Calleigh loves going there! We have at least 10 churches in our little town and one elementary school. This is where I grew up. I love it here. The closest Wal-Mart is 30 minutes away. The biggest town is Evansville and it take about 45 minutes to get there. To some of you that may be an inconvenience, but to me that is home and I love it! Andrew and I moved to a larger town, not huge, but larger and it was a nightmare for us. We started looking immediately for a house in the country. It's simple, but we could not imagine anything else. We love out life. We have a little garden on one side of the house. On the other side we have a swing set for Calleigh. I have a swing under two shade trees on the side of the house We can look across the road to a field a see many different kinds of wildlife standing in the field each and every day. It's wonderful! Since I do not have anything to show you from my hometown, I thought I'd share some local attractions that we enjoy each year.

Spring Mill State Park

About Spring Mill:
Immerse yourself in history by taking a step back in time to the early 1860’s.
Various interpreters will be on hand during your visit as you take a leisurely stroll through our historic district and view over 20 log cabin structures dating back to the early 1800’s.
Interact with our interpreters as they go about “their daily chores”. Throughout the season “chores” may include rope-making, candle-dipping, blacksmithing, gardening, and weaving.
The showcase of the Pioneer Village is the Grist Mill. This limestone mill is an original structure that was built in 1817 and still grinds corn to this day. Water flowing out of Hamer Cave pours over the enormous water wheel and drives the gears that spin the grindstones.

Marengo Cave

About Marengo Cave:
Two kids. An unexplored world.

The year is 1883. Two children are about to make the discovery of their lifetime - a never before seen world waits for them beneath the quiet little town of Marengo.

September 6, 1883 -Early afternoon- 15-year-old Blanche Hiestand, a cook at Marengo Academy, overheard some of the schoolboys making plans to explore a deep sinkhole located near the school.Blanche decided to beat them to it! She excitedly ran home after work and recruited her eleven-year-old brother, Orris. They grabbed some candles and snuck out of the house.Blanche and Orris quickly hiked up the hill past the cemetery by the church. They found the sinkhole, surrounded by a grove of trees, and climbed to the bottom.
Cool air steamed out of the small opening. Lighting their candles, the pair peered inside. Ignoring the darkness and the mud, Blanche squeezed into the hole. Soon she called up to Orris, "Come on in!"Together Blanche and Orris crawled down the steep, slippery slope. They found themselves in a large chamber that appeared to continue in several directions. They heard water falling and saw formations in the distance. Though awed by the beauty of their discovery, their flickering candles caused their courage to ebb. The pair decided to turn back. The slimy, cold mud made climbing out much harder. Blanche and Orris safely reached the top. The late summer sun felt good on their skin as the two siblings, now covered with mud, headed home. The original land owner was notified of the cave's discovery a few days later and the cave was immediately opened to the public for tours.

Mesker Park Zoo

About the Zoo:
Exciting things are happening at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden. Situated on 50-scenic acres of rolling hills on Evansville’s northwest side, this Zoo is home to over 700 animals from around the globe. While visiting, you will navigate the Zoo’s geographically grouped and realistically themed regions including South America, North America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Throughout the Zoo, thousands of exotic and regional botanic species adorn hillsides and animal exhibits. You will be in awe as you explore AMAZONIA, Forest of Riches, our newest world-class South American exhibit. We encourage you to take a moment to browse our website and learn more about our animal collection, educations programs, mission, and special events. Or better yet, plan your next family adventure at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden and see for yourself what all the excitement is about!

These are just a few of the places we like to go. Spring Mill State Park is about a 45 minute drive from our house, Marengo Cave is about 1 hours from our house, and Mesker Park Zoo is about 40 minutes from our house. We like having many things around our house within driving distance. So, you have not seen my hometown, but you have seen what we like to do around our home!

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