Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy is EXACTLY what we have been for the past month. August started out a little slower than normal, but no worries because it has more than made up for that . The second week in August Andrew started school again. He is busy teaching Algebra, Algebra II, Pre-Calc and Calc. He is also busy with Athletic Directing. I began training Resident Directors and Resident Assistants mid August, had new student move in, began registration, a second job, and a few little fix it jobs at the house. We have also re-done Calleigh's room to give her a big girl bed and a new barbie doll house, a new Sunday School teacher for the Toddlers and Two's class at church and currently in the process of being the leader for the float for the local parade. It's almost time to catch my breath.........but that does not come until mid-September. Here is a few pictures of Calleigh's new room:

Over the past few months we have decided to try a new budget system, and although it takes a LOT of discipline, we are making our way just fine. The second job was something that I only do for four hours on Saturday, but it's fun, it's extra money, and I like it! I was stressing myself out majorly about what God has in store and I prayed for God to life those worries off of me. Ever since then I have had such a peace, it's like nothing else I have ever felt, and It's AWESOME!!! I know that he is walking with me to get our finances in order and when the time is right he is going to give us another baby. And even though it is not my time, I really am ok with that. Andrew and I have always had a good, loving and strong marriage but lately thing have been better than ever, and I know that it's all because I gave my worries to God. I feel like such a different person. It's amazing what this freedom feels like!

Just for fun, Calleigh feel asleep eating lasagna the other night at dinner and I could not help but to take a picture.......Too funny and Too cute!


Chelsa said...

glad you are feeling at peace- that's such a wonderful feeling!

love the picture of calleigh sleeping!! and her new room is adorable!

Casondra said...

There's nothing better than feeling at peace.

Calleigh's room is so cute. I promise I will get that UL stuff down to Pike one of these days when I make it down that way. Or if you are in Jasper you can stop by and pick it up. :)