Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are you ready?

*****I want to start by saying this is not made to offend anyone or hurt your feelings. This is just my thoughts.*****

Wow, that's all I can say right now. I got the video in an email from a dear friend and this is crazy. I have so many questions for God when we meet. I am curious about so many things. I hear so many people talking each and every day about the last day. I don't know when it will be and I don't want to. That's all in God's hands just like everything else in my life. He knows when he is coming back. Although it will be a day of mixed emotions, I am ready. I am ready to be joined with my family in heaven. I know that I will see them again someday. I know that I am saved and God loves me. Are you saved and are you ready? I do not know what it will be like, but if you are not saved, this might just make you change your mind. It scared me and I know where I am going. Take a look.

With the Easter season coming up, I think about all that Jesus has sacrificed for me. Who else would go through all he did just to save others? Who else would put their self as a sacrifice when so many would not do the same for you? I love my Savior and I am VERY thankful that he thought of me. He knew I was just one of the people he was doing it for. He loves me and even when I screw up or make poor choices, he is still there. All I have to do is ask for his forgiveness and he is there. How many people in your life are there for you like that? He has blessed me with a life that is greater than I deserve. And for that I am more thankful than I can ever express. I pray that this Easter season everyone takes a moment to think about the fact that he did it all for you and me. I am not the prime example of a wonderful Christian, but I try each day to do what I can. I know that God has more in store for me. He is slowly revealing those plans to me. Maybe he wants me to reach out to a certain person. Maybe he wants me to teach a Sunday school class. Maybe he wants me to be an example to younger girls. Only he knows, but he is slowly opening my eyes and revealing the plan to me too. He's making me stronger in him, so strong that one day I am going to explode. I am gonna be whatever he wants me to be. Like I said, I will do whatever he wants me to do. Right now, it's praying for someone who needs me to pray for them. If you have a need, I will do all I can to help you. I can't quote the bible very well, but I can help you find a scripture. I can explain the things I know to you, but I myself am still learning. God is opening up my eyes and my heart. I am actually going on something in September called the "Walk to Emmaus", a place where I will have other people to help me in my journey with the Lord. These people are just like me. They have been where I am, and they want to help me be better. That's my be the person the Lord wants me to be and follow his will. Whatever it may be. So let me know what I can do for you. It may not be much, but I am here for anyone.

I hope you have a blessed Easter and a wonderful weekend. Happy Easter!

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