Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A busy weekend....and SHE'S WALKING!!!!!

We had a busy weekend. I know that some of you know that we have been having troubles with Andrew's truck and finally on Thursday night the transmission went out. I did not work on Friday nor did Andrew as we had several things to get done and we had to begin to deal with this truck issue. On Friday night we decided that we needed a break, so we went to a baseball game to watch Andrew's cousin Zeth play. He is a senior this year and this is his final season. We love baseball and Calleigh loves to see Andrew's family so we went to the game that evening. Before the game, the local greenhouse was having a open house with a big sale so we went a picked out some flowers we wanted to plant. The game was at league stadium, and if you have ever seen the movie "A League of Their Own" then you have seen this stadium a few times! Here is a slide show of the stadium:

On Saturday we we busy talking to Andrew's dad about fixing his truck and he is going to help us out.....and Andrew's grandpa is allowing us to use a vehicle of his until Andrew's truck gets fixed, which could be about a month! We were planning on attending a birthday party, but we were unable to go due to the truck events, so Calleigh and I planted the flowers that we had picked up on Friday night and also 2 new trees for the front yard. She had such a fun time playing in the dirt as I planted the flowers:

On Sunday, Andrew went turkey hunting while Calleigh and I went to church. She was dressed in the cutest little dress the she got for her birthday! And she is WALKING now! Here is a slide show of her new little dress and the video of her walking!!! In the video, she is with her Nana and Papa Hays and Sadie, thier basset hound who Calleigh loves!


Chelsa said...

i can't believe she is walking! it seems like yesterday that you were pregnant!

Candace said...

I know! It is going so fast! It's crazy!