Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been swamped lately, so I am just now getting to write a post. We had a wonderful Easter with Calleigh. We went to church as a family(my dad even went!!!) and then we went to my parents house for lunch! We just had some hot ham and cheese sandwiches that my mom makes(they are the best) and then Calleigh got to open her Easter basket. She got a book, some clothes, some toys and some money. Then she hunted 6 eggs in the living room and with mommy's help she found them all!

We then went to Andrew's Aunt Beth's house for the Wibbeler gathering. We had a big meal there and then Calleigh and Emily hunted eggs. Since Calleigh had some practice earlier, she knew the drill this time and she was all over them eggs! She did not even really need my help! She got some money in her eggs and a new summer outfit from Great Grandma and Grandpa Wibbeler and a stuffed duck that squeaks from Aunt Beth. Papa and Gram Gram got her some money and a stuffed bunny and a little purse. We did not get to see Grandma Janet and Greg, but later they gave her some money, a book, and a little toy.

I had off on Good Friday and Easter Monday(my work celebrates both) so on Friday Calleigh and I went and met Andrew for lunch at Mi Pueblo, our favorite Mexican restaurant. Then Calleigh and I went to Wal-Mart and got Calleigh's ear pierced! She did so good, she did not even cry! I was so proud of her! Here she is playing on Friday with the remote....she had such a good time!

We had a normal week, nothing important happened, and then we got to the weekend! Andrew and I went out on a date on Friday night. We had a gift card to AppleBees's that we had gotten for our birthdays so we used those and then we went to Menard's and picked up some items for a landscaping project that we were working on. Here is a finished picture of our work:

My husband is amazing! He got up early with me to work on this project, and even though I am sure the he was not looking forward to it, he jumped right in and started working. After we got the project done we mowed the yard and made some more adjustments to our landscaping.

We have a WARM weekend ahead and we have big plans again! I am planning on cleaning out the garage, planting some flowers, Andrew is going to cut down a tree and I would like to get started painting Calleigh's new room! We are moving her to a new bigger room in our house! Then, we can have our office(her current room) back until we have baby #2, which is not for a while(at least that is the plan!)

I have some REALLY GOOD NEWS to share with you. In the past 6 months I have asked you to pray for my best friend Amber as she has been going through some rough times. The Lord has been looking over her just as we prayed......as of Thursday she is cancer free! Diagnosed at Stage 3 and now it's gone! Praise the Lord! And, she is adjusting to a new life, a new start, and I am so happy for her!

Another praise is that my dad had a colonoscopy on Friday and all came back clear! Yeah! God is filling my heart with so much joy!

Back on my birthday the wonderful people I work with had a party here in the office for me and I have been meaning to post a picture of the cake the got me......it was wonderful and here is the picture......

This week is busy...tonight Andrew has a meeting for his summer softball league(he plays for his church), tomorrow is opening day of Turkey season, so he will be hunting after work, Thursday he is working a baseball game, and Friday we are going to watch his cousin Zeth play baseball. The weekend is supposed to be warm, so we have a birthday party and then lots of work to do!

Now that I have told you all about my life up to now and caught you up, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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Chelsa said...

glad you guys had such a good easter! she is getting so big!! your landscaping project looks good! i'm looking forward to this awesome weekend weather too! i'm also going to be planting some flowers on saturday! seems that we always have "projects" going on! haha!!

have a great weekend :)