Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Eventful Birthday!

Callleigh's First Birthday was one heck of a day! The day started off fine. Andrew got up with Calleigh(he's on Spring Break) and gave her a bath. They watched some tv, then came and met me for lunch. We noticed that she was not eating very much, which is very unusual for her. I picked her up and noticed that she was warm, so when they left I told Andrew to take her temperature when they got home. He did and it was high so we called the doctor. They could not get us in so they told us top take her to Urgent Care. I left work, picked them up, and off we were to the hospital. When we got there we found out that she just had an upper respiratory infection and a little fever but she was gonna be just fine.

I went back to work after dropping them off because I had some important meetings I needed to be at. On the way home I stopped and picked up her first birthday cake. She loved it and was feeling well enough to eat some of it!

Nana and Papaw brought over a present for her, which was her new train. She had already played with it on Sunday night(she wanted it and they are suckers for her little smile!) But, she remembered it and loved it!

She is feeling better today and hopefully she will be better for her party on Saturday!

I am not working tomorrow. I am taking off so that I can get all set-up for the party! Calleigh also has her 1yr appointment with Dr. Luff!

Tomorrow night Calleigh is staying with a baby sitter while we go to a Faculty/Staff Appreciation Dinner for my work! Good food...YUMMY!!!

Hope you have a great weekend and be sure to check back on Monday for pics from the party!


Chelsa said...

i can't believe she is one!! hope her party goes good and that she is feeling better!!

that cake was really cute!

Lauren said...

i don't thin she could be cuter if she tried!

I love you, Bear!

Kasey Ruadh said...

Can't wait to see the pics from saturday!