Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 8: A picture that makes you laugh

Here are three pictures that make me laugh:

This was so funny! It was one of the first times we let her eat spaghetti all by herself! The cheesy smile on her face tells you how much fun she had and just how much she really like spaghetti! It is one of her favorite foods!

During the summer, I took Calleigh outside to play while Andrew was mowing. She decided to mow just like Daddy was mowing and it was so cute to watch her mow the yard right along with him!

She found this toy at a softball game. One of her little friends had brought it along and she fell in love! It was so cute to see her waving at me as she was cruising along!

I forgot to mention that I had a week of spring break and would be on a mini vacation! But no worries, I am back and continuing on the 30 days of blogging!

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