Friday, July 25, 2008

Calleigh's Pics

I just wanted to post a few pics of Calleigh's new ones! She did such a good job of smiling all the time, which she does anyways! Such an angel!

We have been seeing some of the plans God has for us first hand this week! I am not gonna go into exactly what has happened, let's just say he has lifted a heavy burden off of our shoulders!

I am getting very excited about my best friend having her baby shortly! I love that our lives have fallen into place just as we always imagined. WE used to say how neat it would be to marry best friends, get married at the same time, be pregnant at the same time, have our kids all together at the same time, and spend the rest of our lives together........and here we are today. We did get married to best friends just short of one year apart, we were pregnant at the same time, and now I have Calleigh and in September Andrea will have Alyssa here too! Life is great and I am so blessed to have these two people in my and Andrew's life! It is also nice to have other believers as friends. Calleigh is so lucky to have them as her Godparents!

Tonight is just Andrew and I...Calleigh is staying with Andrew's mom and we are helping move his brother into a new apartment tomorrow...that makes for a long day! Off to Church Sunday, and start the whole routine all over again!

Love to all,

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