Friday, July 11, 2008


Faithfully has many meanings and means so many thing to so many people.

If any of you listen to the band Journey then you know their popular song. To me, that is one of the songs that symbolize what a relationship should be about:

Right down the line its been you and me, Oh girl, you stand by me,
I'm forever yours, faithfully

another popular line is:

wondering where I am, lost without you

I am so blessed to have a husband that is everything I always imagined. When I was little I always thought about what "he" would be like. After being in relationship after relationship, I took a break. After a year of having fun in college, hanging out with my girls, I decided it was time to start dating again. Not as easy as I thought. Just because I decided it was time, God did not. After a few not so good dates, I told myself "he's out there, I just have to wait". On a late night drive with my best friend Andrea, I described to her my "perfect" guy. I told her he needed to be good-looking, have a wonderful personality, have a job, but still have free time, like sports, be a country guy but know when to dress up and go out, and believe in God. That's all I wanted, how hard could it be?!? Then I met Andrew.

It was like God heard everything I said I was looking for and placed it all into this one wonderful person. Or maybe God placed that "perfect" guy into my head so when I met Andrew I would know it was him. Our relationship started out all of the sudden.....we never really knew it was happening and then we were together everyday. The first kiss was everything it was supposed to be....and a little more! It was perfect and I knew this was the person I was going to marry.

Just 1 1/2 short years later it happened.....he asked me to be his wife and spend forever with him. And then, just one short year later(to the day) we were walkingdown the aisle, saying our vows, and were Mr. and Mrs. Wibbeler. And here we are today. Married for almost 3 years, blessed with a life full of happiness, and parents of a wonderful little girl! Life is great for us and could not be any better!

So for Andrew, I want to dedicate the song "I need you" by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to him.

Another way faithfully can be used is living your life faithfully through the Lord. Andrew and I both were believers, but after being together, our faith has gotten stronger. Esecially when trying to have a baby. For about 1 year we tried and tried and nothing. We prayed and even had friends and some family praying about it. Then one day while I was mowing the yard, it was God speaking to me telling me that good things were about to happen, just be patient. So, as I mowed and listened to my Ipod, I just listened to one song, Days of Elijah. After I got done mowing, I told Andrew that God was going to do good thing for us very soon. Just one month later I took the test and found out I was pregnant; we were finally going to have a baby! It was a day I will never forget! This is just one example of what being faithful is all about.

I hope that everyone reads this and learns that being faithful can and does have more than one meaning.

Love to all,

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