Monday, July 28, 2008


Laugh, What is laughter? Laughter is an audible expression or appearance of merriment or happiness or an inward feeling of joy and pleasure (laughing on the inside). When Calleigh laughs, my whole world is lit up. She is in the stage now where has become vocal and she talks to us all the time, which I love! Below is a video of her talking and laughing with Andrew and his's sweet!

In our eyes, this is the sweetest thing we have ever seen. It is great being her parents! I love her so much, more than anyone else will ever understand. She's my little angel!

We had a busy weekend. Friday evening we dropped Calleigh off with her Grandma Janet to spend the night! They had a good time! We also went to Andrew's Grandma Wibbeler's house because it was her birthday and the family suprised her with ice cream cake~YUMMY! On Saturday, we got up and helped Andrew's brother move apartments in West Layfette. We picked up Calleigh and we all stayed home. On Sunday we went to Church and then Calleigh and I went with my mom to Evansville. When we got home, we went to Andrea and Kyle's house to hang out with them and Randi and Shane. It was fun. We do not have a busy schedule (yet) this week, so hopefully we can have a little family time!

Love to all,

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