Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Calleigh's First Snow, clapping her hands, and a date

So, today it finally snowed! The meteorologist have been saying it will snow for a while now and every time is seems to go right over us. But, we woke up this morning to some snow, not a whole lot, but some. Here are some pics of Calleigh and I in her first snow. She got to wear her snowsuit, which thrilled me!

She has recently learned how to clap her hands when you ask her too, and she can wave, when she wants to. I took a little snip it of video of her clapping and me trying to get her to wave at me! Enjoy!

Tonight, Andrew is going to an IU basketball game so Calleigh and I are going to have a girls night to ourselves! But, he owes me big time for this! He promised me that he would take me to a game the next time he goes, and the next time he is going is tonight! So, as payback I am making him take me to see the movie

(which he is dreading, by the way!) and out to eat at

I am pumped!

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Sarah said...

Yay she is so adorable!