Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Story

I have been writing blogs for a while now. Some about my husband and my faith, but mostly about my little angel, Calleigh Elizabeth. But most of you don't know what a struggle it was for me to have her. So here is my story.

As most of you know, Andrew and I met at college and got married in 2005. We had been together for about 3.5 years at this point. We knew that we wanted to be parents someday, but we wanted to wait a little bit. We wanted to have us time for just a while longer. Then, come January 2006 we decided that we would not prevent a pregnancy. Not precautions were taken any longer. Our philosophy was if it happens then it happens. We keep this going on until October. We had moved into our house in April, we were settled in, and now we wanted to start a family. No longer would it be just us and Roo. We had not told anyone about our little secret, we just kept trying. That Christmas, my mom bought a little bath robe and gave it to us for Christmas. She did not know for sure that we were trying, but she had a good idea. We opened it up and my heart broke. I wanted so badly to tell everyone our good news, but every month I though "this is it", took the test, and was disappointed for days.

We continued to try and try. I had shared my frustrations with my mom and questioned whether or not I was going to ever be someones mommy. In March my mom contacted one of her friends to see who her daughter's OBGYN was. I called and talked to Jody myself and she told me about Dr. Beckman. She told me how comfortable she was with him and how he was compassionate and very caring. She told me that maybe there was an issue and I should go and see him. I had been going to another doctor, and after sharing my concerns with her she told me to wait it out. She was not very encouraging at all and I knew it was time to make a change. I called and scheduled an appointment. When I called they asked what I needed any appointment for and I told them my problems.

I sat in the office and was so nervous. How do I go in this office and tell this man that I do not know at all what is going on with me. They called my name, Andrew went with me, and here we sat in the room. In silence. Waiting. The door opens, in walks Dr. Beckman and his wonderful Nurse Cathy. He ask why were are there, we tell him, and he in such a caring way her tells us what steps we need to take. I have to get some test run, as does Andrew, and then we will go from there. Andrew does his test and all comes back wonderful, NO PROBLEMS!!! Then it's my turn. And we find the problem. It's me.

I had a disease called cervitatis, which is a inflammation of the cervix. It is a constant bleed. This was causing me to not get pregnant. This little internal bleed that I did not know was even there. Dr. Beckman is so relieved that it was something that we could fix, rather quickly! I was relieved. He handed me a calendar, told me how it worked and how to use it to predict the days I would ovulate, and told us he would see us at the end of the summer. Ha, the end of the summer, who was he kidding?

May, June, and July go by. Here comes the end of the summer and I still am not pregnant. I knew he was wrong. Then come Vacation Bible School. I was a teacher. It began Sunday night, and I was sicker then ever on Monday. I worked all day, went home, called into Angie and told her I did not feel well and I would not be a VBS. This was rare for me since I am not sick often. Andrew went and bought me some vegetable soup, and the sickness set in. Just once, it was over. Andrew told me that very second "I bet you're pregnant!" I told him no way, it was just a bug. I came back to work the next day and all was well. Two weeks later, I had a runny nose. I was going to take some meds, but the box said to not take if you might be pregnant. Since I was just 2 days from finding out, I grabbed a test before taking the meds. I came back to work, went to the bathroom, and almost hit the floor when the test made a plus sign. I grabbed the box, read it again just to make sure. Oh my goodness, I AM PREGNANT! I called Andrew several times and he did not answer, so I called my mom, crying hysterically(with excitement) and told her! Andrew called me right back, and I did not even have to say the words!

The funny thing was, earlier in that week I told Andrew God had big plans for us. While I was mowing the yard listening to my IPod, God told me to keep playing the song "Days of Elijah". I did. God was getting me ready. I just had to wait until it was his time. He knew when the right time was. That Friday, I did not have to work, so I went to celebrate with my friend Brynn. On my way home, I was stopped at a light talking to another friend on the phone. All of the sudden I feel a little jolt, I look in my rear view mirror, and saw a semi truck coming at me full speed. I freaked out, there was nothing I could do, so I closed my eyes and prayed for God to take care of me and my baby. I semi ended up side-swiping me. God had done the unthinkable. He saved my life and the new little life inside of me. No one was hurt in the wreck, not the lady whose car was shoved into my car from the back, not the semi driver, and not the precious little life inside me. I called Andrew, told him what had happened and he was very nervous. As I sat on the side of the road waiting for the cops to show up my preacher came walking up to me. God sent him to take care of me in my time of need. I was all alone, on the side of the road with people I did not know, pregnant, and he was there.

God does amazing things in our life and I wanted to share my story. This is the story of how God answered prayers and protected me when the worst could have happened.

How has God taken care of you?

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Lauren said...

God has been faithful to me as a Father and a friend.

Candace, you tell your story beautifully. You are loved.

Sarah said...

Wow, I didn't know your story. I am so glad God did have big plans for you. Your daughter is beautiful and she is a true miracle.