Friday, September 18, 2009

He's Here!!!

Jaron Edward Woolsey was born last night, September 17th at 11:01 p.m. He was 7lbs. 10 ozs. and was 20 inches long! He and Mom are both doing fine! Here is a picture of him, what a cutie! I can't wait to go and see him tonight!

Our Anniversary was last night and we had a good time. We had dinner from Mi Pueblo and the Pumpkin Cheese Cake from Sweet Stuff all at home. We ordered everything take out, brought it home and ate in our pajamas! It was a wonderful night! Andrew gave me my present when he got home: It was this wonderful Willow Tree Angel. Just in case you don't know, I collect them and love them so much so this gift meant a lot to me!This one is called "Child of My Heart" It's wonderful!
This weekend is the Holland festival and the Winslow festival. Andrew is from Holland and I am from Winslow(where we also currently reside) and we are going to both festivals. At the Holland festival, Andrew is going to help his dad with the chili cook-off and Calleigh is in the baby photo contest. There are kids games for Calleigh and good BBQ Chicken dinners. Then we are headed to the Winslow festival for the after dark light parade. This is a parade that take place down main street in town and all of the businesses shut off their lights. The town turns off the street lights and different churches, group, and organizations have floats that are decorated with lights. Our church had a float for the first time last year and this year we are planning another. We are going to have the band from our church play and a man dressed as Jesus carry a cross. We are handing out glow in the dark crosses for all of the kids as well as candy and info about our church. It is such a fun thing that not many have heard of and most have a great time!

On a side not, a little over a month ago I got another tattoo, just my second. It's Calleigh's name on my foot:
This picture was taken about 12 hours after I got it so you can tell it is still red and a little puffy, but at least you can see it!

Have a great weekend! Mine is full of festivals, a new baby, church, and my family! Sounds like a good weekend to me!

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