Friday, September 4, 2009

Where have I been?

Guess who's back.....Back again.......Candace's back....Tell a friend!!!

So, after about a 2 week break(give or take a couple of days) I am back to the blog world! Life has been crazy with RD/RA Training, new student move in, student registration, Resident Life days on campus, Andrew's sports events, family events, new babies, sad funerals, and getting to spend a little amount of time together as a family. But life is getting back on track, we are back into the swing of things, and now the blogging is ready to be back on track.

Andrew and I are very excited about Labor day since it means a 3 day weekend! The last weekend in August we celebrated our anniversary (which is not until September 17) but we have no other time! We went to Patti's settlement and had tickets for dinner and a show and then stayed at the hotel in Grand Rivers. I was such a nice getaway and nice to have time for just us(not that we don't love Calleigh, because we love her more than words, but a little adult time was nice too!) The first weekend in September(which would be this weekend) we have no plans but to spend time together this weekend as a family! Next weekend Andrew has a his MAT class on Saturday, on the weekend of our anniversary we are taking some friends out to eat for their daughter's first birthday, and the next weekend I am off to go on a religious retreat called "A Walk to Emmaus" which I am super excited about! We have been very very very busy with sporting events but things are slowing down for us. Fall is our favorite time of year and we are looking forward to many things as they are approaching quicker than we expected.

I have not posted pictures for a while and but I am going to get some new pictures up HOPEFULLY on Tuesday when I get back. We are hoping we can go to the park or to the zoo or somewhere fun with Calleigh this weekend. So, whatever it is we decide to do I will get some new pictures up!

Life has been putting some trials in our paths such as lack of family time and some other things so just as a request from me please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. I know that sometimes you have to jump a few hurdles to win the race and we are ready to cross that finish line! Until next week, I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day!

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